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The Night of Unseen Entities

A UFO encounter results in poltergeist, telepathy and other strange phenomena


Unseen entities

"All three, now four and five, now six and seven, now eight and nine balloons hung red overhead and stopped in the center of the cloud hole."

Photo: Stephen Wagner

Personal encounters with UFOs and possible abductions are among the most puzzling and frightening experiences in paranormal records. It's not just the sighting of the unusual aerial craft, it's the accompanying high strangeness. In the case of Paul Schroeder, his encounter was followed by poltergeist activity, telepathy and other unexplained events - all of which question the true nature and meaning of these "alien" experiences. This is Paul's story:

IT STARTED AT 8:00 p.m. Saturday night, December 2, 2006, after a series of ice storms in New York. The ground ice crunched under my feet. White-blue icy snow covered the sidewalks underfoot. Overhead was a low, thick ceiling of clouds. Temperature about 30 degrees, and very little wind.

While walking down my driveway toward my backyard pantry door, I glanced up... and almost dropped my groceries. UFOs were assembling overhead, their "engines" glowing dark red against the blackness. I stared, puzzled at a strange but not yet disturbing or revealing sight. A clean, crisp hole was cut into the overcast, revealing bright stars surrounding the reddish circular craft bottoms. It was as though a cookie-cutter had sliced a clean mile-wide circular hole into the cloud cover. Everywhere else was thickly overcast, but almost at zenith was a perfect circle of clearing.

My mind could not accept the sudden realization. What looked like a red child's balloon floated into view, a bright red against the stars and outlined blackness. The first red balloon stopped, then was joined by two more, which floated in and hovered equidistant from the first. All three, now four and five, now six and seven, now eight and nine balloons hung red overhead and stopped in the center of the cloud "hole." As I stared upward at neck-breaking zenith, puzzled at their no longer drifting motion, three more floated into view at the rear of the growing formation: a flotilla of closely assembled red balloons!

They all hung motionless overhead. I slowly, for the first time, felt a sense of awe grow, and my mouth fell open with raw wonder. One more joined slowly from the rear, assembling north to south - an impossible group of nine or ten escaped red children's balloons. What could they be? Balloons drift with the wind?, I wondered. They're not migrating, hovering birds. What are they!?


I stared in wonder, awe tingling my forehead, stomach and arms. My mind reached out to them for a long minute, in intensity. Their color changed from bright red to light lavender purple, all together, all at once. Quickly flashing away, like minnows in a pond, they peeled off in pairs, from west to east, heading out toward Montauk. They were gone in several seconds, leaving the hole overhead, still twinkling with stars, but empty of craft.

I am convinced that this "sighting" has everything to do with the onset of spiritual and mind experiences of high strangeness. Did they climb down the ladder of my awe to find me? Or is it that my "sighting' was no accident? Which one came first, the chicken or the egg? Maybe it was the farmer that came first. Was that circle in the clouds necessary for their visibility, or was it designed for me needing visibility?

These meddling, harassing, unseen entities may be, in fact, the occupants of those "craft" I stared at. I cannot be truly alone; there must be many like me, aware, resistant, troubled and amazed.

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