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Was I remote viewing? Experiencing a time slip?


Question: Was I remote viewing? Experiencing a time slip?
"I was cleaning a wall underneath a bay window," says Bob. "I was crouching as I was scrubbing with a cleaner and a dry cloth. The next thing I knew I was in another location standing and looking down at a clipboard. I was wearing a lab coat and standing in front of three huge wire coils. I looked at the clipboard and thought, "I know these formulas." I thought of where I came from and still felt I was home at the same time. I didn't get any thoughts of the person I apparently was looking through. I didn't feel as if I was in another time, just a jump to another location. Was I sent to a parallel life. What happened?"
Answer: Bob, this is a very interesting and peculiar experience. There are several possibilities as to what might have caused it. Let's look at the more prosaic (and most likely) explanations and then consider the paranormal.

Your vision could have been a waking dream -- that is, a dream that you experience while you are quite awake or sleepy. These are relatively rare, but they do occur. I've had them myself. Or it could have been a hallucination. Either the waking dream or the hallucination could have been caused by the smell of the chemical cleaner you were using, possibly combined with your crouching position, which could have changed your blood pressure and temporarily restricted blood flow to the brain. This can cause your brain to do weird things, including memory lapses and even fleeting "visions". That's the most likely cause. Why you had this particular hallucination is anyone's guess, but we've all had equally puzzling dreams.

This is a strange world we live in, however, so without evidence either way we cannot entirely rule out the more remote and what would be considered paranormal possibilities:

  • A dimensional shift -- A temporary slip into a parallel life in another dimension.
  • Remote viewing -- For whatever reason, you were able to remote view this scientist in a laboratory. This might also be considered clairvoyance.
  • Past life -- You were tuned in to the memory of a past life.

Again, I must stress that these are remote possibilities, but who can say for sure? If this was a waking dream or hallucination, however, it might be a good exercise for you to think about what significance it might have for you. Just as regular dreams can be examined and interpreted for their symbolism and relevance to our wide-awake lives, so too this vision might hold some insight regarding a fear, desire, ambition or interest that lies in your subconscious.

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