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Time and Dimension Travel, Missing Time - True Stories


True stories of experiences with anomalies of time and space, including time travel, other dimensions and missing time.

Baby Monitor Time Warp

A couple hears the details of a past incident over a baby monitor.

Blip in Time

A student in Nova Scotia, Canada experiences a time slip aboard a bus.

A Brief Leap in Time

Fallbrook, California in 1994: a couple driving on a curvy road has a weird experience.

Church Apparition

Laurie and her husband visit an old broken-down church full of people, but when they return, it's gone.

The Conversation That Never Was

Jessica hears a conversation between her daughter and her mother... but it never happened.

Crosswalk to Another Dimension

Three friends in Camden Town, London experience a ripple in reality.

The Day the Creek Disappeared

"Before hiking Cedar Breaks and sloshing in Duck Creek, we planned on eating our lunch along that little creek off of Highway 14. But that's when things got strange. We couldn't find it...."

The Delayed Message

"He told us that he was in our house 18 years ago when his friend Jim Smith was laid out under the very window my wife and I experienced the voice and smell...."

Dimension Shift in Hampshire

In Hampshire New Forest, a couple has a very odd experience when they pull onto a driveway.

Dimension Shift in Tacoma

Gary experiences dimensional weirdness at a theater.

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