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"The Anguished Man" Haunted Painting: Update


The Anguished Man

The Anguished Man

Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson provides this update about his haunted painting, "The Anguished Man":

I just thought I would send you this update on "The Anguished Man." I have recently temporarily moved in with my parents and obviously took the painting with me. It was only in the house for a few days when the noises started -- the same noises I had previously experienced. Then on the third night, my father fell down the stairs, the same as my son did at the other house. Thankfully, he was unhurt, but I have now moved the painting back into storage.

I have been working closely with John Blackburn and Ian Lawman of the Mysteria Paranormal group, taking the painting to some of the allegedly most haunted locations in the UK, including 35 Stonegate at York and Chillingham Castle in Northumberland.

It was on the evening of 18 May 2013 at Chillingham Castle that a group of people experienced events that were both terrifying and unexplained. None of the guests were prepared for what was about happen in the early hours of Sunday morning. The room went icy cold when a large, dark figure appeared in the middle of the séance circle. A large wooden bench banged on the floor of its own accord in response to John Blackburn's questions to the painting, then suddenly the bench was flipped upside-down violently by what was believed to be John Sage, one of Chillingham Castle's resident powerful spirits, who we think was showing his anger to a foreign, uninvited spirit to his castle.

John Blackburn stated it was the strangest experience in all his years of investigation. there were a least 20 witnesses to these events.

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