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More Phantom Phone Calls


Here's further evidence that devices such as telephones could be connections to realms we have not even begun to understand

How would we in today's culture get by without our phones? As communications tools for keeping in touch with friends and family and for doing business, it's become indispensable. As we saw in our recent article, "Freaky Phone Calls", however, sometimes the telephone is a link to the unexpected and the unexplained. In the poll we conducted with that article, more than half of respondents (at this writing) said that they have had a weird or unexplained experience with their phones.

Are they merely technical glitches? It's likely that many of these experiences can be chalked up to crossed lines, cell and cordless phone interference, and other explainable malfunctions. But there are other experiences that are not so easily explained away. So what's the answer? Can beings on other planes of existence make contact through electronics? (Consider the phenomenon of EVP.) Or can the mysterious workings of our own minds, our subconscious, use such devices as phones to express our deepest desires and fears?

Here are more true stories that just might make your heart skip a beat the next time the phone rings...


When I was five I lived in a very small village near Vienna, Austria with my mum, my sister and my brother. My mother got divorced from her husband approximately three months previously and I was having a hard time. One day, I was alone at home watched TV when the telephone rang. I answered the call, but there was no one on the other end. There was just the melody of the traditional song "Greensleeves", sounding like something electronic. I listened to it for about two minutes and hung up.

Eight years later, my mother married again and we moved to another town called Neunkirchen. We lived there for about three months, and one day the telephone began to ring. I was alone at home, and this time the phone did not ring as usual. It sounded very electronic and weird. I took the call, and there it was again - the melody of "Greensleeves." I got very nervous and frightened, and I wanted my dad to back-trace the call. One week later, our telephone company sent us the trace log: the complete number did not belong to any company, man or anything else, but it definitely originated from South America. - ste fan


I was in the kitchen making dinner with my five-year-old son. All of a sudden, he looked at the phone as if it were ringing. He quickly picked up the phone and began talking to someone on the phone. He said his name, said "yes," then looked at me and handed me the phone. Shocked, I asked him who he was talking to. He answered, "Grandmom."

I asked him, "What does she want?"

He answered, "She wants to talk to you. She wants to say goodbye."

I took the phone, but heard nothing. My mother has been dead for five years. My son has never played or pretended on the phone. We have never spoken to him about a grandmother, because we felt he was too young to understand. That was the first time he ever said her name. - Julia K.


I am one of those people who never writes letters, but I wanted to share my strange phone call story with you. I have strange things happen around me, but never to me personally. My fiancé is the Louisiana MUFON State Director who had, a few months ago, done a live show with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland about orbs. So, in his "hunt" for orbs, we went driving to another small city in Louisiana and wound up in their town cemetery.

I was anticipating a cell phone call from a friend of mine, so when my phone started to ring from the back seat, neither of us were surprised. But when he handed me my purse, we were both stunned because my phone was ringing, vibrating and blinking as if there were a message. Yet there was no call being registered on the caller ID. When I answered it, there was nothing but "dead" air. And later, speaking to my friend, it was not her calling. So... ? It still perplexes me to this day. My phone should not even be able to do those three things at the same time. - CMA


A few years ago, my daughter, her boyfriend and I were watching Poltergeist. At the point of the movie, near the end, where the family is battling with the negative entity, the phone, which was on the table next to me, rang. I picked it up, not really wanting to be distracted from the movie. At first, there was just static on the other end. I kept saying, "Hello? Hello?" Then my girlfriend, Toni, was on the other end saying, "Hello? Hello?" I said hi to her and there was a moment of uncomfortable silence.

I said, "So, what did you want?"

And she said, "What do you mean? You called me!"

I said, "No, I didn't, we were watching a movie and my phone rang. Maybe you hit redial or something on your phone." She said that she had made half a dozen phone calls to other numbers other than mine since we had last talked. She was on her cell phone and she and her son were just driving back to their home. I said "Where are you?" She told me that when her phone rang, she had just been passing Glenview Memorial Gardens, a cemetery located in a little town, Ixonia, Wisconsin. We just let it go at that, both wondering what was going on with this double phone call. - DhyAn 2e


I recall an incident that happened 20 years ago to my mother. She decided to have a phone installed in her home as she was a diabetic and wanted to be able to be in close contact with me. A day or two after having her phone installed, she started receiving very weird phone calls. She got these calls at night, in the afternoon and in the morning; sometimes she would get these calls four to five times a day. The calls were from a little girl who mom said sounded like she was about four or five years old. The phone would ring, mom would answer it and the little girl would say, "Mamma! Mamma! I want my mamma!" My mom would try to ask her questions, but all the little girl would say was, "Mamma! Mamma! I want my mamma!" This went on for a week, and it freaked my mom out so bad that she had her phone disconnected and never had a phone after that. - Loretta R.

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