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Strange and Wonderful Ghosts of Christmas


The Christmas holidays are haunted by ghosts that are wonderful, strange, and dark

Perhaps the most famous ghost story in the world isn't told at Halloween time, nor is it about that spooky holiday. No, the most famous ghost story is, of course, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, which features no fewer than four ghosts.

So Christmas, among its many other attributes, is closely associated with ghosts and other aspects of the paranormal, including angels and miracles. So each year we gather true tales from readers that take place on or around Christmas. In this year's collection are Christmas messages from ghosts, peculiar incidents, even a dark Christmas spectre!


by Ricky L.

This may or may not be considered paranormal. I would like to think it is the work of a friend from the other side.

In 2004 in Leeds, U.K., one of my closest friends, Harry, was a passenger in a car that was being driven by a drunk driver. The driver lost control of the car and crashed through an iron fence. Harry took the brunt of the impact and sustained life-threatening injuries. Despite all the great work put in by the staff at the hospital, he sadly lost his life three days later.

Last December, I attended the Christmas party of my friend Ian at his home, he too was close friends with Harry. I stupidly drank too much and thought that I was in a fit state to drive home.

As I went to get my car keys, I noticed that they were not in my pocket. I was adamant that I never took them out, and despite looking high and low for them, they never materialized. I spent the night at Ian's, and when I woke up in the morning I decided to check my coat pockets again.

Ian had put all the coats in his spare bedroom and in it he has a large notice board on which he kept pictures of all the guys we knew as we grew up over the years. On that notice board, on the pin holding up a picture of Harry with his cheeky grin, were my keys.

Ian swore on his life that he had never touched them and other people from the party were sure that they never even touched a set of keys. I like to think it was Harry still looking out for me.


by Nicole

My brother-in-law was murdered November, 2011 in Buffalo, New York. He was 20 years old with his first child on the way. Needless to say, the whole family was devastated. I was depressed for two weeks and couldn't eat. I think I took it hard because even though I only knew him for three years (as long as my son's father and I have been together), I knew him longer than I knew my son's father. The thought of him and my son's connection brings tears to my eyes. My son won't remember his favorite uncle.

Two days after he died, as I was going to sleep I felt a heavy presence in my room. Then suddenly a loud buzzing noise started. I looked up and about a foot above my head there was a white, football-shaped orb that looked like there was churning smoke in it. The noise was so extremely deafening that I had to cover my ears. I was scared to look directly at it. This continued for about five minutes until it whizzed past my face and out my window toward the street.

On Christmas this year (2011), I prayed that God or my brother-in-law would give me a sign to let me know that he was watching over us and protecting my son and his father. On Christmas night as I was putting my son to bed, I prayed one last time.

An hour later as I sat in bed, I heard bells. We have a wreath that's made of golden bells hanging on a wall out of reach. I heard three big, distinct shakes of the wreath followed by a light rattle. It sounded like it was right at my door, even though the wreath is about 30-40 feet from my room.

I sat there motionless for about two minutes because I felt like someone was going to come through the door at any second. Everyone had already gone to bed, so I knew that no one did it. I believe it was my brother-in-law letting me know he is watching over my son and his father.


By Sandra Van Dyke

On December 24, 1983, I went to visit a friend who was working at the United States Golf Association Museum in Far Hills, New Jersey. It being Christmas Eve, I left church with a buddy and went straight to the museum that night, enjoying the crisp night air and the bright stars above.

We walked in the entryway, greeted my guard friend, Maggie, and chatted as she re-locked the front door. We were standing in the foyer, laughing and commenting on how fun it will be to visit the different rooms and keep her company.

Suddenly, we all heard a hissing noise that sounded like an old steam radiator, coming from what we thought was a wall. When we looked over, we saw an old chair that seemed to be "peeing" on the floor! We were all speechless at that point, as we watched a puddle form directly under the chair, with a forceful stream of water hitting the ground so hard that it was spattering around.

After it stopped (total time was about a minute), we went over to look at the puddle. Maggie took some paper towels and started to clean it up; it was a grayish looking water. We lifted up the chair to see what was underneath, and all that was there was a small damp dot directly mid-center. We then checked the cushion, and it was completely dry!

We had to leave poor Maggie behind as we bid our last "Merry Christmas" wishes. We were not really that frightened, as we were all Christians, but it was still an eerie reminder that there is a parallel dimension we can't see right now.

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