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The House Painter's Ghost


Ghost painter

Some ghosts cannot leave a task undone.

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Abe and his wife knew they could depend on their friend, Luis, the painter. They didn't know how much they could depend on him

It has been said that some ghosts are the spirits of people who have died but remain because they have left some task or mission incomplete. They might, in fact, not even know they are dead, so they continue on as they did in life. Abe B. and his wife believe they had a first-hand experience with such a ghost. This is Abe's story....

THIS GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER happened to my wife in July, 2012 in the town of Kerman, California. We had decided to have our living room and our big kitchen re-painted by a close friend of ours, Luis, who was a house painter by trade. He was a good painter and always did an excellent job.

Luis started with the kitchen, prepping and masking, applying color samples on the walls for my wife to look at, and it wasn't long before he was finished. It only took him two days to complete the kitchen, and it came out great, as usual.

Then he began work on the living room. After two more days, he was done. There was only one accent wall that needed another coat of paint that he said he would take care of the very next day. We paid him the full amount right there and then without any worries because we've known Luis for a number of years and we trust him. He's a dependable person and his word is solid.


The following morning, I had to drive into Fresno for an unexpected business meeting and wouldn't be back until noon. My wife would be the only one there when Luis arrived, usually between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. Luis likes his coffee, so my wife made a fresh pot.

A few hours had passed and Luis hadn't shown up yet. Soon it was going on 11:00 and there was still no sign of him. Now if Luis was going to be delayed for any reason at all, or if there was a change of plans, he would always call. On this day there was no call to our house. In fact, my wife was just getting ready to call me when the front doorbell rang. It was Luis, who promptly entered with his brush, bucket, and roller. He apologized to my wife for being so late and quickly started painting the wall.

My wife asked him if he would like a cup of coffee, but he gave no answer. The whole time he was there, he seemed quiet. He hardly said anything at all, which was kind of odd because he was a talkative person. Many evenings were spent in his company with lively, creative conversations about any subject.

After less than an hour, the work was done. Luis picked up all of his equipment, apologized once more to my wife for his tardiness, and went out the front door. My wife noticed he forgot one of his brushes. She picked it up and went outside, but he was already gone. When she walked back in the house, she placed the brush on top of the bookcase, and went over to the TV and turned it on.

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