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Growing Up in a Haunted House



My mother had started running her horse business out of the barn at this time. She boarded horses and gave riding lessons. There were always children running about the place.

One day when we were all at a horse show, my grandpa came downstairs and started complaining to my nana about people needing to watch their children, that he was not running a babysitting service. My nana told him, "There aren't any kids here today. Everybody is at the horse show."

"Well, there's a little blonde girl running around outside," grandpa said.

"Well," my nana assured him, "there's nobody here."

This was not the first time that the little blonde girl had been seen. One day my five-year-old brother and one of my mother's riding students saw a little girl looking down at them from the upstairs window.

Alice, perhaps?

My brother also talked about seeing an evil clown in the kitchen. The weird thing is that when I was little my mother said that I talked about seeing a mean clown upstairs in my room!


My mother had just started giving these two little boys riding lessons and their mother said to my mom, "You have a lot of entities around here."

"Entities?" my mom asked.

"Yes," the woman said. "Ghosts. I see them." Well, she had the sixth sense. She began to tell my mother that she was a physic. She had worked with police in Massachusetts to find missing people. She said that every time she came to the house she saw two little boys' spirits playing outside. She also said that the place was some type of spiritual vortex, where spirits come and go.

One night we asked this psychic to come over and go though the house. She said that there were four main spirits in the house. "Edward" was one. He was the shadow we always saw in the hallway and on the stairs. One time I was racing through the house to go upstairs to go to the bathroom. All of a sudden, a black shadow passed in front of me and stopped me dead in my tracks! I could see right through it! It passed in front of me and went through the closet door! My nana also saw it. The closet at one time had been a hallway leading to the other side of the house.

This woman said that this was "Edward" and that he had never lived in the house, but that he had been a family friend of someone that had lived there. He had been a lonely person and chose to come back to this house because he had happy memories there. She also said he was the most interested in us and wanted us to know he liked us.

She also came up with the name Violet Means. She wasn't sure if this was the little girl or a teenage girl that she said was there. She also said there was an older lady who liked to be helpful around the house.


This same year, my mother remarried and my new step-father had some of his friends and their teenage boy stay over one night. He was a city boy and he became bored quickly. He slept on the couch in the family room. In the middle of the night his beeper went off. He checked the number and went into the kitchen to use the phone. When he turned around, he said he saw three "things" sitting around the kitchen table.

In the morning when we got up he told us, "You've got some strange things in this house, and I want to go home!" We had never mentioned anything about our ghosts to him. He never did come back to the house, even when his parents did.

I could go on forever about the strange things that have happened in that house. We have never felt threatened by these spirits and they really have become part of the family. We feel like they protect the house and us.


One last note and probably the strangest story of all.

My grandparents have been wintering in Florida for the last ten years. They come home to New Hampshire in April and stay until October. Two years ago, before they were getting ready to return to Florida, my nana was upstairs in one of the bedrooms on her computer. All of a sudden, she was pinched in the back by what she described as long bony fingers.

Now my nana has lived in this house for fifty-two years, and this was the first time she had ever been really scared. She wouldn't even go upstairs without my grandpa for about two weeks!

This was not the first time that "it" has touched her. Many times she has felt something brush past her in the kitchen. But this time it really shook her up.

"Nana, it's probably Edward trying to tell you that he doesn't want you to leave," I told her. Not that it matters, because my grandpa swears that the "spooks," as he calls them, follows them to Florida.

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