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The Menacing Presence



The haunting intensifies

Then one night there was a loud crash in the kitchen. Bill and I were in bed trying to get some sleep when it happened at about 2 a.m. Bill got up as he thought it was an intruder. He came back to bed looking shaken. He said there was nothing, just the cookie sheet that had fallen off from the counter. But how could that happen? The cookie sheet was in the cupboard! He said he did not know, and told me to go get some sleep.

Another night I was sleeping fitfully and woke up alarmed. I saw a figure by the bedroom doorway, and almost immediately Bill started fidgeting next to me. I grew concerned and asked him if he was alright, as I thought he was awake. He replied in a very labored voice, "It is not the power that we see!"

Bill does not talk that way and he would never think of phrasing anything like that. It was scaring me so much that I started shaking him, and he came to. It turned out he really was asleep and was not aware of what he said.

The presence gets physical

By the second week of December, I was starting to really question whether staying in that apartment was worth it. On a Saturday night at about 2 a.m., we were talking in bed about our different schedules for the coming week. Suddenly, Bill let out a scream of pain. He got up and lifted his shirt, and there was a big red scratch on his belly.

There was nothing there, like a bug, that could have caused it. He said it felt like someone put out a cigarette on him, then dragged it out. While I was busy scrutinizing the scratch, something tried to grab my hand. It felt like a big, rough, man's hand. I jerked my hand away.

We decided to get up, put clothes on, grab our cat and leave. We were out the door with nothing but the clothes on our backs and our wallets. We checked into a pet-friendly motel. The next day we began to look for a new apartment.

Seeking answers

We contacted a local ghost society. A psychic in the group sensed that someone had been murdered in the bathroom tub. They maintained that it was just a memory, but we seriously doubt it was just a memory. They would not give us further information, but a member of the group later told me that it was the scariest case their psychic had ever encountered. Whoever or whatever it was, she had felt all the emotions it had.

Myrisa's comments about the photos on the first page of this article: "I have attached photos we have taken when we were not even sure the place was haunted. We did not find them until after we moved out. One is of me coming out of the bathroom. Bill took the picture. One close up of the bookshelf to the right of the picture. I have also attached a picture of my husband Bill for comparison."

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