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Strange Tales 9: Which Story Is False?



Story 3: Ghost Ship’s Skeleton Crew

In 1913, the British sailing ship Johnson was making its way down the coastline of Chile. The crew spotted another ship approaching, its sails billowing in the wind. Following maritime protocol, they signaled the unknown ship, but received no reply. The captain ordered his ship to advance on the other ship to identify it and perhaps lend assistance, if needed. Little did they know that the mysterious ship was far beyond any help. As the Johnson approached, the crew noticed that the unknown ship’s sails were virtually covered with green moss, something no diligent navy would allow. Moving even closer, it looked to the crew that the ship, for some reason, had been abandoned. They were not prepared for what they would find upon boarding the vessel. The ship’s deck was so decayed that it could barely be walked on without caving in. One skeleton was found beneath the helm, six more on the bridge and ten in the crew’s quarters. On the prow of the ghost vessel was its name: Marlborough Glasgow. A subsequent investigation uncovered the facts about the Marlborough. It had departed the port of Littleton, New Zealand in January, 1890 with a crew of 23. It had disappeared, was searched for and eventually assumed lost at sea. Yet it had somehow been sailing the waters of the South Pacific with a dead crew for 23 years! And what killed its faithful crew is unknown.

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