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Strange Tales 10: Which Story is False?



Story #3: The Detroit Ghoul

Occasionally there are hauntings that are so horrific that they literally drive families from their homes. One such case involved William Adams and his family in Detroit, Michigan – an experience so terrifying that it could have been the inspiration for the movie, Poltergeist.

Shortly after the family moved in to the gray house in the early 1960s, the children and pet dog immediately sensed there was something evil about the back bedroom. It was a small, unassuming room, and because no one else wanted to sleep in there, Mr. Adams chose to do so when he came home from his nightshift job at the car factory.

Soon strange things began to happen. Adams would have horrible dreams and would awake to find himself sitting on the edge of the bed screaming so loudly that his throat was raw. The dreams were so frequent and frightening that he considered seeing a psychiatrist. When he slept in the master bedroom with his wife, the dreams ceased.

But the haunting got worse. When Adams’ grandmother came for a stay, she complained of terrible sounds in the room and refused to sleep in it another night. When another friend visited, the Adamses assigned the room to him, not telling him of their past experiences, just to see if anything weird would happen. It did. As he lay in bed, he felt something turn him over. Opening his eyes, he saw a figure standing in the doorway – a woman with long hair, blue dress and fur coat. He screamed and all the lights in the house went off.

When the friend was about to tell the Adamses of his experience, an unearthly, animal-like wail echoed throughout the house, followed by a terrible stench that made everyone sick. Things began to move on their own. A heavy trap door in the utility room opened and slammed shut.

Mr. Adams decided to confront the ghost by sleeping in the back room again. He turned over in the bed to see another face close to his staring at him! Its mouth moved, but no words came out – only that horrible odor. He screamed and ran out of the room, tearing at his hair. Shortly thereafter, he moved his family out of the house and away from the “thing.”

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