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The Addison Haunting



Several years later, when Brooke returned home from college with her two-year-old daughter, Taylor, the activity really intensified. Toys would turn on by themselves and start moving across the floor of her upstairs room, radios would start blaring.... When Taylor started seeing "the man", however, we became totally convinced there was something that was definitely not normal in our dream house.

Her first experience was seeing this "man" on the stairs. Taylor had stayed up with me late one night while I was working on books, and when I had quit for the night, I carried her up to put her in the bed with her mom. Within minutes after lying down myself, I heard her heart-stopping screams! I ran upstairs to find her in the bed with her mom, both visibly shaken. After the reassurance from Brooke that they were all right, I went back to bed.

The next morning, after arriving on my job site for the day, Brooke came flying up in her car (a 40-minute drive) in terror. She explained to me that Taylor had seen a man on the stairs the night before who had talked to her. This entity had even kissed her on the cheek and told her that he loved her. But the two-year-old had been so distraught that she had trembled and talked about the man the entire night. Even though she kept repeating, "The man won't hurt you, mama. The man loves you," the poor baby was scared to death.


The man appeared to Taylor on several more occasions. The last time she saw him, he offered her a toy truck. At that point I knew I needed help. I asked a local minister and his wife to come to my house. As soon as they entered, they said they could feel the spirit of something that was not friendly. They spent the entire morning going through my house with holy water, blessing each entryway and window, and placing prayer cloths under each bed.

Upon re-entering the house that afternoon, I could immediately feel a calmer atmosphere. Unfortunately, it was short-lived and I've had the minister back again to repeat the process.


The haunting has changed, though, in the past four years. One night at three in the morning, my husband and I both sat up straight in bed when something hit a key on our piano. It was as if just one key had been touched and held because the note vibrated through the house. My husband got out of bed, retrieved his pistol, and went to the parlor to investigate. Of course, no one was there, and at that point I feel that he was finally starting to believe that there was someone or something in our house that was not human.

The piano plays - just one key only - frequently, and I often hear what sounds like someone breathing heavily upstairs. There are also loud crashing sounds that are heard throughout the house, but no explanation can be found.

Strangely, most of these occurrences are in the daytime now instead of at night, which seems odd to me. Possibly the ghost has gotten braver? At least the daylight helps take the edge off of the fear factor.

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