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Send in your true story


If you have a true paranormal story that you wouldn't mind sharing with other readers, send it to me via this online form. It could be about:

  • ghosts and poltergeists
  • out-of-body experiences
  • unexplained phenomena
  • strange creatures
  • bizarre coincidences
  • premonitions and ESP
  • prophetic dreams
  • unexplained sightings
  • past life experiences
  • near-death experiences
  • time and dimension slips

Anything strange and unusual. There's only one main rule: It must be, to the best of your knowledge, TRUE.

I won't use your name if you don't want me to. If you send me a story, be aware that I might publish it on this website; on the other hand, there's no guarantee that I will use every story I receive. (I receive hundreds of stories every month and cannot possibly use all of them, so please don't be offended if your story is not chosen.)

But to submit a story, you must use the form on this page; otherwise I cannot use it at all.

Tips for getting your story published

  • Although I do edit the stories for grammar, spelling and punctuation, the better they are written in the first place, the more they are likely to be used. In other words, the less work you give me to do, the better I like it.
  • Stories without any puctuation at all (yes, I get some of those), lots of misspellings or written in all CAPS are almost always disregarded. I don't have the time to edit them that much.
  • Stories about dreams are not used very often. They are not paranormal - they are dreams!
  • Always include where and when the event or experience took place.

So what are you waiting for? Send me your stories!

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