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The Impatient Ghost



I come from a large family in New South Wales, Australia, being the youngest of 10 children. When I was three years old (1975), my father passed away and a family friend offered my mother his house for all of us to live in. My family and I lived in this house for over 10 years.

There were many occasions during our time there that very strange and unexplainable things happened. One room in particular would get so cold that even if we were sleeping there with an electric blanket, we would get cramps in our legs. Also, in that room I would wake and try to sit up, but it was as if there was some kind of pressure preventing me from sitting, despite how much energy I would use. Consistently, there were footsteps walking up the hall, which could be heard due to very creaky floor boards as well as often the noise of the front door opening and closing followed by more footsteps. When we would hear these things, we would wait, expecting someone to walk up the hall.

One night when I was approximately 13 years old, while I was home alone, I took a bath. While I was in the bath, someone knocked on the door and shouted for me to let them in. It was the voice of a female and I thought it was one of my sisters who had returned home. I got out of the bath and opened the door, but no one was there and I was still alone in the house. I thought at first I must have been hearing things, but just as I got back in the bath, it happened again. There was no mistaking it this time; it was definitely a female voice and this time she shouted at me and rapped on the door so hard I could see it shaking. This time the same voice said, "Hurry up and let me in." I shouted back, "I'm coming!" thinking that it MUST be one of my sisters and perhaps she was home and I just did not notice. Again I jumped out of the bath and opened the door. Still no one. I panicked a little, but one part of me was still thinking it must be one of my sisters. Again I jumped back in the bath, spinning out a little bit, but still ok.

Then it happened again. It was so loud and the knocking on the door was very aggressive. I screamed at the top of my voice, "I AM COMING!" I was kind of angry at this stage as it was third time I had gotten out of the bath to open the door. There was absolutely no one there. I ran through the house looking for someone, but it did not take long for the realisation to set in that maybe it wasn't really a person... but something else.

I ran out of the house (still in my towel) and ran to my brother's home, which was a few streets away. What a site I must have been, but I was quite distressed and refused to go back to the house until the others had returned.

Another afternoon, I came home from school and I walked in through the back gate. We had a very large, wide kitchen window that gave a very clear view of the kitchen. Standing at that window was a lady, older, with glasses... just looking out. I stopped and stared at her for a while, thinking my mum must have some visitors. When I let myself in, there was no one home. Not one person. I went straight out the back door and sat in the yard. My family came home to find me still sitting in the backyard several hours later, and it had gone dark.

There are many other stories of incidences that happened in that house. Not just things that I personally experienced and saw, but also experiences of my sisters and brothers. A friend of mine came and told me straight up she thought I had a ghost and that the house, especially the cold room, was scaring her. I had never mentioned my suspicions to her. Eventually we moved out, but I have since discovered that the gentleman who owned the house and let us live there had a wife who had drowned. Maybe that's who it was. I drive past that house often and I would dearly love to ask the people living there now if they have any stories to tell.

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