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Shadowman Blackout



The paranormal seems attracted to my family... well, my dad's side, that is. I grew up hearing many, many stories about the things my grandma used to see while living in the small town of Mcallister, Oklahoma. My aunt has had some eerie experiences as well. I'll be glad to relate some of them here at a later date.

This story took place last week at my relatives' house. (They and I live in a different town in Oklahoma that I'd rather not disclose here.) My cousin was in the front room playing videogames when all of a sudden he heard a loud gust of ominous wind, and suddenly the power went out. It turns out that a bolt of lightning had struck one of the transformers. It had split the neighbor's tree in half, and somehow a ton of electricity was concentrated into their house all at once, frying nearly all of their electronics beyond repair -- TVs, kitchen appliances, game systems -- a lot of expensive stuff was ruined. By some miracle, they weren't all electrocuted.

Scary? Yes. Paranormal? Hardly. However, now here comes the paranormal twist:

Just yesterday, my aunt pulled me aside and said that right before all this happened, "Sherri", (to protect her identity, not her real name) a family friend who lives with them, confided in my aunt that she saw a black shadow out of the corner of her eye for a few brief seconds. She at first thought it was the family cat, Sylvester. My cousin was said to have seen it as well, and he challenged the thing, whatever it was. Either of my two aunts who live there have yet to see it.

Something tells me it's evil and might have caused the blackout. Who knows? My aunt said it was something like a "shilope." I have no idea how that's spelled, but that's how it's pronounced. My aunt might have to have the property blessed with sage if the paranormal activity keeps up. Hopefully that'll take care of the entity.

Now as an aside, I spent three weeks there after I lost my home to a fire, and I would swear that I didn't see, feel or experience anything remotely paranormal while staying there. I didn't think the house was haunted at all. Which begs the question of whether or not this thing has been there the whole time lying in wait, or is only a recent occurence.

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