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Shadow Bird



It was hot summer day. I was with my granny and we were standing in a street and watching children play. I was going to play with them. There were two or three groups of kids playing different games and I was just thinking which of them to join. I was 5 years old back then.

I could not decide where to go and was just standing there and staring when suddenly I looked down and noticed the shadow of a small bird next to my right foot. I stepped on it just for fun... but suddenly it jumped back! This made me very curious. I decided to play with it to see what would happen. Every time I tried to step on it, it would jump back and then jump back to my feet again. It was playing with me! It was a dark, gray shadow of a bird, well-formed, not like mist or something else like that. It was acting and moving like a normal little bird.

I tried to find some explanation of what it was. I thought some bird was sitting above on wires or maybe on a tree branch so I looked up to find my little bird, but nothing was up there. But the shadow was on the ground, standing like a normal bird would stand and wanted to play, like I wanted to.

Suddenly, one of my friends called me and I looked in his direction. When I looked back, the bird shadow was gone. I've heard about shadow people, but never before about shadow birds. And that's what it was, no doubt.

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