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Mother's Worried Call



It was January, 2000. My mother had died in December, 1999. I had been living with a man for about two months. We checked into a cheap motel. He left for a job at around 9:50 p.m., leaving me alone for awhile. Back then, you had to pay up to $30 to have your phone in the room turned on. There was no way we could afford it.

Come 10 p.m., the motel phone rang. I looked at it and was scared. I did answer it on the second ring. I was surprised. I said, "Hello?" I heard lots of static. The voice on the other line said, "Hello?" It sounded just like my mother!

Again I said "Hello?"

"Hello?" the voice repeated in a worried voice. (I clearly remember my mother's voice when she was worried.) She said hello again, and the static became worse. Her voice faded out, still saying "Hello." But it was the worry in her voice that got to me. I was in trouble emotionally. I almost screamed. "MOM!" I yelled! Finally the static became so bad I could not hear her anymore.

I hung up the phone, then picked it up a minute later. The dial tone came back clear as a bell. Two seconds later, the phone went dead. I truly believe that was my mom. She was trying to communicate with me. She was one heck of a mother.

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