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Calming Voice



Last year, I flew to Texas to see my son, who is in the military, get married. I stayed in a motel the first few days before their marriage. The night before their wedding, I had some anxiety and doubts about whether he should get married to her or not, as there was a few things going on. I was extremely anxious about it and was suffering from panic attacks. I had trouble sleeping that night, but finally fell asleep.

The next morning, I heard a cheery calm voice awakening me that said, "Good Morning!" I looked to see if there was someone at the door or whether it was my son, but there was no one there! I peeped through the peephole and there was no one outside either.

The calmness in this man's voice was so reassuring that it just calmed me right away. They've been married for a year now, and seem to be very happy.

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