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Little Girl Ghost



I grew up in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. My family lived on a property just out of town. We had the house we lived in and there was an older house that my parents, brother and sister lived in before I was born.

When my family lived in the older house, they had a few incidences with a little girl ghost. Nothing too scary; she'd just appear, then disappear. I also saw her one day when I was about 8 years old. I was trying to unlock the door to the older house, when I saw her through the window beside the door. She was wearing a long, white nightgown. She had blonde hair and was transparent! I freaked out, and obviously she did, too, because she disappeared into my brother's old room. I think she really liked my mum because mum would always feel her there, just behind her or just beside her. She also saw her on numerous occasions.

So mum asked around, to see if anyone knew of a death in the house. She found out there used to be a family that lived there, and their little girl choked on a pea and died. My mum did some sort of cleansing session with one of her friends, and the strange feelings stopped. Then about a week after the session, mum saw the little girl one last time. She appeared in the doorway of the kitchen. She was smiling and waving to my mum, then she disappeared. She could finally move on.

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