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Slapped By a Little Ghost



It happened in January, 2005 here in Batangas, Philippines on the last term of my pregnancy with my eldest daughter. Our house is just a few walks away from my aunt's. And from our back door we could see the entrance of their house.

One lazy afternoon, a short nap crossed my mind, and being the most cool place in the compound I decided to take a nap at my aunt's swing just beside their house. I was on my way when I saw a toddler in a red dress peeping out of their entrance door, and when the kid looked my way, she ran inside the house. I didn't recognized the kid, just told myself the kid might be a visitor or a relative of my aunt whom I didn't know. By the way, my aunt had a girl kid resembling the age of one I saw earlier. To my horror, I found out that there was no one in the house except my aunt and her kid sleeping soundly. And guess what: she's not even wearing red!

I took a nap in the swing with a question on my mind. Who was the kid? Was I just imagining things? Exhaustion plus cool wind send me into a deep sleep only to be awakened by a hard slap from a small hand. As I opened my eyes, I was expecting too see my aunt's kid. I was shocked to find no one with me! I jumped off the swing and never again attempted to take a siesta on that place.

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