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I'd like to submit a corrosponding story to "The Kilowatt Man." This isn't my story but my daughter's. Although I didn't see what she saw, I can vouch for the authenticity of what happened that night. This happened while we were living in England. We were stationed ay RAF Croughton from 1995 to 2002 while I was serving in the US Air Force (I retired in 2005.)

In 1995, our children were 8, 4, and 2 years old. The story happened to my 4 year old daughter. Around 2am, a peaceful night's sleep was shattered by the sounds of slamming doors and our 4-year-old's terrified screams. Startled, my husband and I scrambled from our bed and ran into the hallway to see what was going on.

Our 8-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son were coming out of their rooms looking dazed and confused. Our 4 year old daughter was nowhere to be found. We went to her room and her door was closed. This was very unusual because at that time all of the children slept with their doors open. Quickly, we opened her door and saw that she wasn't in her room.

Our oldest daughter said her door had slammed shut and that's what woke her up (along with the 4-year-old's screaming.) We searched our oldest daughter's room and found our 4-year-old curled into a fetal position under our older daughter's desk. After much talking and calming her down, we found out what had happened.

She said she had awakened because she needed to use the bathroom. When she walked into the hallway, she saw two human figures coming up the stairs. One was red and one was green. When I asked if they were glowing; she said no, that they were like electricity. In fact, from that time on she called them the "Electric People."

She said she watched them come up the stairs and as they reached the hallway, her bedroom door slammed shut behind her. She started screaming and ran for our oldest daughter's room (which was furthest from the stairs.) She said when she got to the doorway, that door slammed shut right in front of her.

She said she grabbed the door handle, and "...turned it REAL hard." The door opened, and she ran into her sister's room slamming the door shut behind her. In her panicked state, she dived under the desk screaming. She said she thought she should be quiet, so they couldn't locate her.

We've talked about this over the years and her story hasn't changed. She always describes them as, "glowing and sparking like electricity." She says they walked in jerking movements and their arms jerked up and down, but stayed up like they were going to grab her.

Now my daughter is 19 years old and she's still so terrified of what she saw that she wouldn't write this story down. That house in England had many unusual happenings and in fact, upon reflection, we can definitely say it was haunted. However, this was the only time anyone saw anything at all like this. For months afterwards my daughter wouldn't sleep in her room and to this day she still won't sleep without a night light.

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