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Pink Lady Bids Farewell



This story took place October, 1997, in West Jordan, Utah.

When I was around seven or eight years old, I went to go spend the day at my grandma's house. The house she lived in used to be her parent's home before her mother passed away. I only met my great grandma a couple times, and I didn't get to know her before she passed.

My grandparents had just gotten a golden retriever and I was tossing the ball down the hall for her. I was sick so my grandma didn't want me going outside. I had thrown the ball a few times already, and she (the puppy) had brought it back.

I tossed it down the hall again toward my grandparent's bedroom. She stopped and let the ball roll away from her. I went to go get it for her, because she was just sitting there watching something in the room.

When I was about to walk right by the dog, I saw something. I blinked, thinking my eyes were just playing tricks on me and then I realized they weren't. I was really seeing something: a pink lady figure walked out of my grandma's bathroom toward her bed.

I stood there watching her with the dog, not once closing my eyes or moving. The figure turned, looked at me and she smiled such a sweet smile. I never felt afraid.

When the figure disappeared, I ran into the living room where my grandma was reading her book. I told her someone,was in her room. She just smiled and said it probably just the drapes. I told her no because: 1. they weren't that long; 2. they weren't pink; 3. they didn't look like a lady.

A few weeks later my grandma called me and said she knew what I saw, that it had been my great grandmother saying goodbye to me. I asked how she knew and she told me because she just saw her, too.

My grandma told me that her mother's favorite color was pink and her smile was always kind. I wish I knew my great grandma and I wish I knew why she said goodbye to me when she didn't really know me that well either.

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