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Wisconsin Apparition



Last summer, in July, 2010, my husband and I purchased a small lake home in Minocqua, Wisconsin. The home is small, but is located about 50 feet off of a gorgeous lake. That was the main reason we wanted it so bad.

We moved from Milwaukee to this home and it's about 250 mile drive North from our old home. The day of the move, I left first with one of the rental trucks loaded. My husband and children would be following the next day with the last of our items.

I pulled into our new home about 10 p.m. that night. I was too tired to start unloading anything. I went in and dropped my purse on the floor and curled up in the one chair that was in the entire home. I distinctly remember leaving on a kitchen light above the sink and turning off all the other lights in the house.

The house had been vacant for almost two years and was completely empty except for me and my chair. I fell asleep quickly and the next thing I recall was waking abruptly and I was in complete blackness. I sat for a second getting my bearings. Okay, I thought, I am in the new house. Then I wondered why the lights were off. When night falls here you cannot see a foot in front of your face.

There are no street lights or neighbors to shed light of any source. That's when I saw this soft white glow -- it was about five feet in front of me and about three feet off the floor. I remember feeling no fear, but confusion, wondering what it was.

It started to move vertically across the room. It turned slightly and that's when I saw what I describe as a left shoulder and arm. It looked like a X-ray. The arm was bent at the elbow and it was moving with the white glow. That's when things started to click in my head. I realized this was some kind of apparition.

I just rolled off the side of the chair and flew to the kitchen and flicked on the light. Once the light went on it was gone. I know I left that light on; why it was off, I do not know. There was no blown fuse or burned-out bulb.

After that night, I started seeing out of the corner of my eye movement coming down the hall way to the family room. This was happening several times a week. I will note that no other family member was seeing this. I started to believe maybe it was my vision.

One night, I was watching TV and I saw the movement again. This time I saw looking straight at it, this tiny marble sized ball of light float down the hall. The light was only a few inches off the floor. It vanished as it entered the family room. One morning around 7:30 a.m., my kids left for school and I went and sat down in the family room. I was going through pictures on our digital camera and I saw the movement again. This time I took three pictures in the direction where I saw the movement.

I started to look at the first picture and I saw a huge glowing orb. I was afraid and quickly turned the camera off and left it. That night, when everyone was home, I looked at the pictures. The first was the orb. The second was a fog up in the right side of the hallways ceiling and the third was normal. The movement went on until November and then it just stopped. It's now the end of April and I have not seen anything unusual all winter. I do not know exactly who or what it was, but it's now gone. I keep waiting to see it again some day.

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