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My ghost story happened in May, 2011. I currently live in Hawkesbury Ontario, Canada in a small house with my mother. Since I was little I knew when something was wrong, and even though I was sleeping I would wake up and I had dreams about things that would happen -- and they did soon after.

I'm now 14 years old and I still know when things aren't right. One particular night at about 3:00 a.m., I suddenly woke up and sat up straight in my bed. My alarm was turned off, so the power was out, and I thought that was strange because it was a clear night and it was warm.

I had my fan on earlier, so I stared at my alarm for a minute and heard a creaking noise enter my room from a wall. It creaked all the way to the middle of my room, then stopped. It sounded like footsteps. I heard it shift its wieght, it seemed.

Then it spoke to me. First it moaned, then said, "Help me...." I could tell that the voice belonged to a female. She sounded terribly sad and she repeted the process three times. I remember that her voice was a whisper, maybe a tiny bit louder. She eventually left, leaving me shaken.

I told my mother about it the next morning and she told me to pray to God to send her on. I did so the next night and I heard nothing. I haven't had any experience with her lately, and I like to think that her soul moved on into the "light". I truly hope she did.

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