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Intelligent Smoke



The story titled "Smoky Apparition" reminded me of a nocturnal experience I had around 1973 in Rhodesia, Africa. I spent many a sleepless night in a rented bedsit because of inexplicable activities, so that I ended up keeping my bedside lamps on throughout the night.

One night I awoke for no apparent reason. Both my bedside lamps were on and I felt unusually very calm. My eyes settled on the top of my bedside drawers to the right as I noticed a smokey mist by my ashtray. I panicked, thinking I had fallen asleep whilst smoking (which I often did) and perhaps dropped my cigarette causing a fire.

I sat up and had a closer look at the smoke and the ashtray, which had two stubbed-out cigarettes. By now I was a little confused, not sure why there was smoke or where the smoke was coming from.

As I sat on the bed looking at the smoke, it started to move purposefully away from me toward the closed window to my right. I watched it move almost like a tadpole with most of the smoke in the front with a tail following. It moved steadily across the window from right to left (the curtains were drawn). When it reached the left side of the window, it made a deliberate U-turn, with tail following after, and made its way back to the centre of the window. It slithered between the two curtains until all of it had slipped through behind the curtains as the curtains moved very gently, like a gentle breeze was blowing through. I stared in astonishment and got a distinct impression it wanted me to know it was not smoke, but an intelligent entity.

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