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Ghost in Blue Nightclothes



My creepy experience took place back in 2006 or 2007 was when I was about to make some coffee for my family at 5:00 in the morning. Before I was going to, I had to clean up after my puppy's "mess". My puppy was also awake, and I noticed she was acting kind of funny around that time, so I thought it was what puppies do.

Before cleaning the mess, I noticed a couple of feet away from me that there was a lady in nightclothes: blue robe and blue pajama pants. After continuously staring at the ghost lady, I couldn't exactly see her eyes or nose, but only her lips. After yelling exactly, "Go back to hell where you belong!" I closed my eyes for a brief second... and she disappeared.

After that I never seen her again, although while moving out of the house, I heard the sounds of walking inside the closet. I also heard voices while outside alone. It was also said that the house my family and I used to live in was actually a 200-year-old farm house that was moved to its prsent location in that neighborhood.

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