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The Singing Ghost



This incident took place at one of my houses in Malang, Indonesia. It was in November, 2009. This house was rarely used. The dust was everywhere and this house was a kind of antique.

I never really knew the real reason why there were so many ghosts wandering around here. I never lived in this house before (its number is 19) because I lived in the house next-door (number 17).

The first apparition I saw was a little boy wearing traditional clothes, running down the stairs. Strangely, he ran, but his feet weren't visible.

Second, the broken glasses. I thought it was a poltergeist since there was no one at home and I heard those sounds of broken glasses from the kitchen. The kitchen itself was full of mysteries. The unoccupied maid's bedroom and also the unused bathroom were the factors, so used the entrance to the garage.

The creaking sounds of the bed were often heard from that bedroom. On a certain night, we could hear the sound of someone's bathing from the inside. The door to the garage's entrance sometimes opened by itself and could not be closed, as if something pushed it by force.

This phenomena was getting stronger after my aunt moved to live here. I was ordered by my grandparents to accompany her so she wouldn't be alone in that house.

One night I woke suddenly at 3 a.m., but my aunt beside me was asleep. I got an urge to use the bathroom, so I entered the one that was inside my bedroom. After doing my business, I closed the toilet and I heard someone singing with a thrilling voice. I was shivering and ran out quickly from the bathroom to find out my aunt was still sleeping. So, who was the one singing beside me?

Two weeks later, on a Saturday night, I was wide awake. I couldn't move my body, as if something was lying on top of me. He (it) was black, with large hands and curly black hair. The eyes were red and flashing through the darkness. I wanted to call out my aunt, but I couldn't make any voice. I prayed to God and the forces vanished.

After that incident, I wasn't being targeted again by them. I was calmed, but not for a long time because my aunt was being targeted. I wanted to tell her what was happening to me before, but I was afraid she wouldn't believe me.

One night when she came out of the bathroom, a mysterious noise came out from somewhere. She was trying to ignore it, but she found something strange staring at her inside the mirror. A loud scream escaped from her lips. Strangely, I was sleeping soundly, as if I didn't know anything happened to my aunt.

As I woke up, I found her sitting beside me, trembling. She told me everything that happened to her, and I told her my experiences. We decided not to sleep at that house, but at my peaceful house next to door.

Now that my aunt moved back to her house in the outskirts of the town, I have sensed a strange presence "peaceful" house....

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