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Strange Driverless Car



I had a very strange day a few weeks ago. I don't know if it qualifies as "paranormal" or not, but I'd really like to write about it.

I believe it was June 13, 2012 at around 11 p.m. when things started happening. I decided to walk two blocks from my house to the mini-mart to get something to eat. The air outside felt strange and the half-moon in the sky had an eerie green tint to it. I've never seen a green moon before and I was hoping that it wasn't a bad omen of sorts.

As I got to the main road that the mini-mart was on, there were no cars in sight. After a few moments, I heard the low thrum of an engine and glanced up to see a black car that I would say they would drive around the 1940s. The car had no headlights, but had a very bright cylinder-like light next to the driver side window.

I found this extremely odd and my curiosity got the better of me as I stopped mid-stride to eye up this vehicle. The car passed by me going rather slowly, and from what I could see, there was nobody in the car at all. No passngers and no driver. I stared, wide-eyed at the vehicle as it slowly descended down the empty road. Then I turned and shrugged it off, perhaps it was just too dark and the light too bright to see the driver.

Once I got to the mini-mart and stepped inside, the cashier was standing there in front of the touch-screen on his register, looking dumbfounded. Without looking at me he said, "Hey, I'm sorry, but there's something wrong with the registers tonight. They haven't been working for the last ten minutes."

I frowned and walked over to peer at the screen. The screen was flashing different words and numbers in a quickened pace and none of the keys were working on his keyboard. We stood there for a few minutes in confusion when the screen suddenly went blank then turned on and the cashier exclaimed, "Ah! There we go!" Delighted, I hurriedly grabbed what I needed, paid for it, and headed toward the exit when I heard the man say, "Oh no! It's doing it again!" I felt sorry for him but I just wanted to get home at this point.

When I stepped back out into the muggy air, guess what I saw? The black old car with no headlights. It was sitting by the gas pump, but nobody was pumping gas. Once again, the car looked empty. The blindingly bright cylindrical light was still on and I turned to hurry home.

Once I got to my own block and began to cross my yard to my house, I looked back one more time and to my horror, I saw the strange black car parked in the center of the entrance to my neighborhood! I bolted inside and locked the door behind me. I haven't seen the car since then, but I still wonder about it.... What was the story with that? Has anyone else seen this?

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