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What Can the Cats See?



This occurred a few weeks ago in Waterloo, Belgium. I must underline the fact that my family is extremely sceptical about all paranormal events, and I happen to be a bit more open minded, but by no means am I a believer. However, what happened that evening does intrigue me.

We were watching TV in the living room, and the cats often come and settle down with us. At one point, one of the cats was sleeping on my lap when it suddenly looked up and stared intently at something a few meters away and started growling.

Now this really surprised everyone because that cat is very nice and well tempered, and in the 8 years since we've had him has only only growled once or twice, always outside and in the presence of another cat. So we all looked at where the cat was staring and growling at, but there was absolutely nothing there.

The cat then jumped off my lap and went to sit a few meters away and stared intently at something above its head. We were quite intrigued by that. After staring for about 5 minutes (it felt a lot longer), the cat went away, as if nothing had happened.

We went back to watching our film, joking about the cat being a bit short-sighted. About an hour later, I was still watching TV, this time with the other cat sleeping on my lap. She suddenly snapped her head up and stared at something, but this time much closer to where I was sitting. Then she also started to growl, even though I could not see anything out of the ordinary.

She did not jump off my lap, and it seemed that whatever she was staring at was close enough for her not to move. A few minutes later, she curled up and went back to sleep. Strangely enough, I was not at all spooked by what happened at the time of the occurrences.

However, the next day, when I thought about it again, it gave me the chills. There was obviously something there in the room with us that both my cats saw and seemed uneasy with at first, before deciding to ignore it after a few minutes of staring and growling. What was it? We have never experienced anything weird in our house before. (We've been living there for more than 20 years now.) I wonder if anyone else has had their cats act weird like that.

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