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The Ghost in Grandpa's Chair



One night I was at my grandmother's house because I was living with her at the time. This was in Everett, Washington around September, 2010. I woke up thirsty and decided to get a glass of water. I was surprisingly wide awake, and I was never a morning person.

I slid out of bed and walked out to the living room, which I had to walk through before reaching the kitchen. I have no idea why I didn't turn the lights on because I'm usually afraid of the dark. I actually felt safe at this moment. Through the blinds, the moon cast a light in the room so I could see pretty well.

As I walked through, I saw a figure on my grandfather's old favorite chair. (He is now passed away.) The figure was very odd, because while on the chair, the human figure was backward, on their knees facing the chair. I went closer, and for some reason I wasn't afraid.

As I walked closer, I realized that the figure was a woman. I immediately knew the woman was a ghost or something of that nature. But it was not at all transparent others I have read about or seen in movies. I didn't feel at all threatened.

The woman turned her head around as I said, "Grandma?" thinking it was my grandma because the women kind of looked like her. As she looked at me, I knew that she was, in fact, not my grandma. She looked over her shoulder at me and her lips turned up into a smile. I then noticed she was fiddling with something by the crease of the chair. It looked like she was using needles on something.

At that moment, I was getting a little creeped out. Who was this woman? I walked away, still not afraid, but a little creeped out. I walked into the bathroom, which was right by my room, and got a drink in there, not wanting to go any further, not knowing what would happen if I did. I did not know if the ghost had good or bad intentions. I walked out and walked straight into my bedroom and fell right asleep.

The next morning I brought the woman up with my grandma. She asked me what she looked like, and I told her. She said it could have been my great-grandmother, who lived here before. I looked at her picture, and it was right across from the chair in the living room.

I still haven't looked in the crease of the chair, but I think she was giving me a sign to look in the crease. I have a feeling I really need to look in that crease.

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