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The Lady in Pink



My husband and I and my two young boys moved to this house in November of 1977. It was a new house and I loved it dearly. We moved interstate so the boys could have a better chance for jobs and education when they got older. The boys both slept in single beds in the same room. They were about five and six.

One morning when I was getting breakfast, my eldest son said, "Mum, when did you get the pink dressing gown?" I didn't have a pink dressing gown and said so. He said, "But you came into the bedroom last night, leaned over me, and kissed me on the forehead."

His brother said, "Yes, Mum, I saw you, too." Neither of them seemed upset, so I didn't really take any notice. That night as I was watching TV in the living room, I glanced down the hall and saw a woman in a pink, old-fashioned gown walking down the hall and entering my son's room! I got up and went to check, but found nothing.

This same thing happened on several occasions and the boys just called her "the Lady." She didn't frighten them, just seemed to guard them. She was around for about a year and I saw her on many occasions.

One night I went in when I knew she was there, I said, "These are my boys, not yours. I must look after them now. You must go on." She must have done so because we never saw her again, but the boys never forgot her and they knew she was looking after them.

I did some research in later years and found that there had been a farm where this house now stands and a woman had lost both her sons in a fire there. I think she was guarding mine so nothing could happen to them.

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