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Someone Is On the Top Bunk



Back in 2003, my last child was born. I have four kids and I also did daycare out of my home through the years as a stay-at-home mom. I ran a tight ship and stuck to a rigid schedule. Dinner was always ready by 3 p.m. and on warm. Every day at 3, I would go sit on the bottom of my daughter's bunk and catch the first half hour of Dr. Phil while I waited for the kids to arrive home from school. My youngest was an infant and I would sit and feed her also while the show was on.

I remember staring at the TV and hearing the top bunk creek. At first, I told myself it was the kids screwing around up there, then remembering they were not home yet. I dismissed it as my imagination.

Possibly a week later, I was once again watching TV, and this time I felt the bed vibrate. I stood up with my daughter and peeked up on top, thinking it must be the cat. Nope. No cat up there.

Another day, same thing, sitting below holding my daughter. Only this time it sounded and felt like a three-year-old just using the top bunk like a trampoline. This time I flew up, ran over, slammed the bedroom door, and climbed up the bunk's ladder.

Nothing up there. I climbed back down and looked under the bed, thinking it had to be the cat doing this... somehow. No cat. In fact, that's why I closed the door instantly, to make sure I didn't miss seeing the cat scurry out of the room.

I was shocked. This last time someone or something was literally causing the mattress to indent and shake the bed. I would grab ahold of the bunk bed frame and try to shake it, but it was very solid and did not sway at all.

I gave up on the Dr. Phil/bedroom thing and relocated to the family room at 3 p.m. after that, and never had any further experiences.

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