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Contacting the Ghost of the Stairwell



I was living in a small town in Kansas with my fiance. We were living on the streets and bouncing from house to house. One night we went over to his "brother" Nick's house. He and his wife live in an apartment that's haunted (well, the stairwell is haunted). We were talking about some events that happened beforehand in the stairwell.

A woman haunts the stairwell, and she hates other women. We all decided to go down and see if we could get some information from her: Why she was there, what she wanted, and such. It was my fiance Damien, my fiance's "brother" Jason, my fiance's other "brother" Nathan and me. Jason's wife Emily was outside smoking a cigarette.

We took off all metal. We had no electronics, except one iPod for EVP. Once we got down to the stairwell, everyone but Nathan sat down. He was in charge of shutting off the lights to the bathroom and the stairwell so it would be dark.

After Nathan sat down, Jason, Damien, and I lit up cigarettes. Jason said, "Alright, we are getting ready to do the EVP. I am the only one talking at this time. Before we even start this, listen and listen carefully. If any of you feel a pressure on your chests, tell me so we can get out immediately. That is most important. Do you all understand what I'm saying?"

We all replied, "Yes". Jason proceeded to start the EVP and about 5 or 6 minutes in, I tapped my fiance Damien on the shoulder and told him I had a pressure on my chest. He told Jason, "Jacy has a pressure on her chest." Jason proceeded to tell Damien that I needed to go upstairs and quickly.

Damien told me what Jason said, so I walked backward up the stairs. I did this because I had seen what I called a "black floating thingy" coming toward me. I walked through the bathroom and into the living room / bedroom.

I could hear voices and sense something or someone there. I looked around with caution. I looked at the television and then saw a black figure coming out of the television. I ran into the kitchen and the black figure followed me. I couldn't move. I couldn't hear anything. I felt as if I were in a trance. I couldn't even blink.

After about a minute of being upstairs, which felt as if it had been much longer, I screamed in terror. Damien, Jason, and Nathan came running from the stairwell. Damien proceeded to ask me, "What's wrong? What'd you see? What happened?"

I told them what I had seen. I was hesitant at first, sort of speechless. A few minutes later, Nathan noticed there appeared to be dried blood on the back of Damien's neck. Jason grabbed a box of salt and put a ring around Damien and me. Jason and Nathan then examined Damien's neck to make sure it wasn't a lighting problem.

We all decided it was a little too hostile in the house, so we left for about 30 or so minutes. Once we got back to the house, everything seemed to have calmed down.

All in all, I've had many experiences with the paranormal. But ever since that night -- I'm not sure what it was about that night -- I have night terrors about being dragged down the stairwell and being burnt to death.

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