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Encounter with Elizabeth's Ghost



It all took place in July, 2012, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia at Cleveland Point. My mum took her friends from work and me to Ye Olde Courthouse restaurant in Cleveland, which has a resident ghost named Elizabeth. She wears a white gown and has her hair gathered in two buns above each ear.

I was sitting down, and because we got there first there was no one else around. There was no one behind me, no waiters or diners, and I felt something blow in my ear very gently. It is said that Elizabeth likes to tap diners and waiters on the shoulder and blow in their ears to amuse herself.

I looked behind me and there was nothing there, so I just said, "Hello, Elizabeth," and then a knife on my plate moved. No one touched the knife, so she was saying she was there with me.

Later in the evening, I was eating and saw a white figure with hair above each ear run past me to the back of the room. I turned around and there was nothing there. She is a very beautiful woman and I thank her for visiting me. When we were leaving, I saw a picture of her and I said to my mum and her friends, "That’s her! That’s Elizabeth. She came to me tonight."

I was very lucky to have an encounter with a her. She was very nice to me and I cant wait to see her again.

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