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Ghost Haunts Two Girls



Vancouver, British Columbia. In the summer of 2003, my sister and I (Angie and Keri) had an experince I can only explain as supernatural. We had been visiting our father for about a month before anything started to happen. Our step-mother had been telling us about all this freaky stuff that happened to her in collage, and as teenagers we believed her. What we didn't believe was the fact she thought she was related to Bloody Mary.

That night we were goofing off about it, and since everyone was asleep, Angie decided it was the perfect time to play Bloody Mary. I, being terrifed of anything unexplanable, convinced her it was the wrong time in the month to do it; it had to be on the full moon. At first she was upset, but then I said we could just tell scary ghost stories. And since she's such a superb story teller, she jump right on the idea.

After about an hour of these stories, we got really tired and decided to get some sleep. As we were drifting off, I got the feeling as if something was in the room with us. So I climbed out of my bed and slipped into hers to see if that made me more comfortable.

After about on hour of trying to fall asleep, I gave up and got out of bed to turn on the light. As soon as I turned it on, I heard something calling my name, "Keri?" like it wasn't sure if it had it right.

I was so scared that I froze in the middle of the room. And that was when I saw the ball of light hovering just above the ground under the window, which was two feet from the closet. It flew to the closet and disappeared inside it, which I found weird because I had never heard of such a thing.

I always believed ghosts looked like the one from the movie Casper, The Friendly Ghost. But then I heard a faint voice say something that sent chill's down my back: "Keri, we're coming for you...."

I unfroze then and rushed to Angie's bed, woke her up, and told her what happened. She laughed at me and told me I was just imagening things. And she went back to sleep. I, on the other hand, went to my bed and wrapped my quilt around me and sat with my back against the wall, so I could see everything around me. I stayed like that until she woke up in the morning, and then I went to sleep.

It was like that for the rest of the summer, and each night whatever had called my name that first night kept calling my name.

When we got back to Kingston, Ontario in September to be with our mother, I thought everything would be better, and it was for about two weeks. I finally found a way to keep the voices away, and that was by listening to the radio.

But one night Angie got the flu and fell asleep before I could, so I listened to the radio. I heard my mom getting ready to have a bath. I could hear the water running. And as the ads on the radio were playing, I focused on the running water... until a voice on the radio scared my so much I went runing to my mother.

It was the voice of the ghost at my father's, and it said, "I'm coming for you!" so loud and fast I thought maybe I was just dreaming, but I knew I wasn't.

I told my mom, and she also told me I was imagining stuff. So I went back to bed and did the only thing I could do: I hid under my covers with my ears plugged until my fingers actually started hurting.

After that, things went from bad to worse. The voices started again, but in the daytime, and I was pushed down the stairs when no one was upstairs. When I tried speaking to my mom or sister about it, they'd just laugh and shake it off.

It was a week later that I found out this wasn't just happening to me. My mom, Angie, and I were all in the living room watching television. There were two couches, one near the kitchen doorway and the other against the far wall. Just as something interesting was happening on the TV, a deep, booming voice from inside the kitchen called out, "KERI... ANGIE."

I turned and looked at Angie at this point and she was staring at the kitchen doorway as white as a ghost. Since I was the closest to the kitchen, I got up and went to the other couch. I told my mom what just happened and she just shook it off, so I got Angie to come with me.

As I went to check it out, and since there was a laundry room on the other side of the kitchen, we went in there to check if one of my mom's friend's sons were just playing a trick on us, but there was no one there.

That night I sat Angie down to talk about what just happened and she told me this: "I heard the voices, too, Keri. I just said I didn't because if I convinced myself they weren't happening, then they went away and I was hoping that would work with you, too. But it never did. I'm really sorry."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was angry and happy at the same time. Angry because she lied to me and happy beause I wasn't going crazy. She also told me something that still gives me chills all the way through my body. She said, "One night when we were at dad's, we both had fallen asleep, and since you were sleeping in my bed at the time, there was no rational explanation. I woke up under the bed exactly where I would have been if I was on the bed. It's like I just fell right through the mattress."

I tried telling her maybe she just rolled off, but she told me I had been on the outside and there was no way she could have slipped through the cracks because the bedframe was bolted to the wall. We still can't find a rational answer for what happened.

After we moved out of that house, nothing physically abusive happened to us. The only weird thing that happened was one night she went to a party and I stayed home with my mother. As I was passing my room, I saw Angie under my covers on top of my bed. It confused me because I didn't understand why she would be using my covers and on top of my bed, so I went in the room and sat on her bed, aross from mine, and asked her. We had a long conversation about it.

Afterward, I got up and went to my mom's room to watch television with her. As I sat down, I asked why Angie was still home and she looked at me kinda funny and said, "She's been gone for at least an hour now, Keri. Remember, Joe came to pick her up?" (Joe's our driver.) I looked at her and then shrugged, as if it just slipped my mind. But I still don't know what or who I had been talking to in that room.

We've moved from there, too, and every now and then I hear my name being called or see something out of the corner of my eye. And whatever the ghost meant about coming for me is still a fear I have and forever will be.

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