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Pat from a Ghostly Hand



I have not posted in awhile because my friends have been fairly quiet; however, they are back at it. About three weeks ago, my daughter and husband and I decided to try and catch some EVP in our barn. We were upstairs and we were not getting anything at first, then all of a sudden I became very dizzy. It was actually more along the lines of the feeling that you get when you are real high up in the air.

Then I had the intense feeling someone was behind me, so I asked the the spirit if it was behind me, and when we replayed the EVP back it said as plain as day, "I have been behind you."

This is one of the best validations I have recieved by being able to sense them. Sometimes I just know when they are there and get no feeling like that, but I have been getting that feeling every once in a while, but not nearly as strong as in the barn.

Three nights ago, I was very ill. I have very high blood pressure that I have to fight to keep it in check, and I have angina. That night I felt so bad that when I woke up at about 1 a.m. that I did not even feel like moving. I really felt worse than I can ever remember feeling in a while.

I was lying on my side in bed facing the wall, and then plain as day I felt someone or something pat me twice in the middle of my chest. It felt like a male hand because of how big it felt, but it had the soothing feeling of my grandmother patting me, as if to say, You will be okay.

I am not saying it was my grandmother, I am just saying it was that kind of a soothing pat. I did not get better immediately or anything, but it felt like it took the edge off of whatever was going on that night. I also have to say that I felt so bad when that happened that I did not even immediately tell my husband who was in bed next to me asleep. Usually, if something that blatant happens, I am telling whoever is there as soon as it happens.

I sort of wonder how sick I was. I do not know if it healed me, but I sort of am suspecting it did help me. I am still ill from that episode and am slowly getting better, so that is another reason why I question how ill I actually was.

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