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Sleep Paralysis or Ghost Attack?



Have you ever heard of "sleep paralysis"? Imagine being fully awake only to find yourself tied down with your eyes sealed shut while feeling a very evil presence near you. I suffer from such a disorder and have a few stories to tell from it, but I'll only give you one.

I was at home alone because I decided to have one of my "chill" days where I stay home instead of going to school like I should have. I grew tired of watching television and decided to squeeze in a quick nap.

The nap went smoothly until I found myself paralyzed on the living room couch! That's not even the worst part yet. I really didn't panic because this wasn't the first time it happened. While I was in that mode, I heard really heavy footsteps running up the hallway stairs. Once they reached the top step, everything went silent.

I finally broke free from the paralysis and looked around, shocked from what I had just heard. I didn't see anything unusual, so I went back to sleep. This time I wound up hearing the same footsteps again. This time they made their way up the stairs and grabbed the doorknob. Whatever it was it couldn't have been human because it had a really hard time getting through that door! I heard the knob twisting, along with a frantic shaking of the door. Something wanted me, and it wanted me bad!

This time I really didn't pay it any mind because I figured it was my mind playing tricks on me. They say third time's the charm, right? So I tried falling asleep once again, only to hear those same heavy footsteps, the same door struggle, but this time my door flew open to the point where it hit the wall behind it!

I was paralyzed once again, so any attempt to defend myself was futile. I was extremely scared at this point, so I tried to fight off my paralysis so that I could see what opened my door.

I managed to open my eyes just enough to see through a slit, and what was standing in front of me I'll never forget! It was something tall in a long, jet black, rugged-looking nightgown. I swear I remember feeling myself reach out to touch it while I was lying down, expecting to grab nothing but air, thinking it was only my imagination.

I actually touched whatever it was! It gave off the vibe of a female, and I remember my grandmother passing away when I was way too young to actually get to know her. I also remember my uncle, who's in his late 40s, tell me that before he and his family moved into this apartment, the previous owner had trouble selling it because a husband had killed his wife in this very same building.

Could it be my long lost grandmother? Or is this murdered woman coming back to the place she called home?

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