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Spirit Attack



In 1998, I was staying with my grandparents. They were devout Christians and I had become a Christian in 1995. My younger cousin, Simon, who my family adopted and was now my brother, was spending the night with my granparents as well.

Simon has asthma and other respiratory issues, so at about 2 or 3 in the morning, he started coughing up mucous. I decided to wake him up and make him spit it out. The second I tried to get out the bed, something dragged me out, slammed me to the floor, and pinned me against a door to the room.

All I can remember is screaming and swinging, trying to get whatever it was off me. I remember a feeling of intense sorrow, not physical pain, but torture, like being in complete darkness, away from God.

My grandparents awoke, pulled me from the door, put me back in the bed, trying to console me. All the while, Simon was still in bed, sound asleep! For about two hours after, I had a conversation with what I assumed was the spirit of another cousin -- Simon's older brother, who had been brutally murdered a few months earlier. He apparently still wanted to stick around Simon, and I believe when I attempted to wake up Simon, the spirit became angered and attacked me!

I proceeded to tell the spirit that he was doing more harm than good and needed to leave. He did not agree, but didn't attack me, only showing his disgust through facial expressions.

For months after, I couldnt sleep, tormented by the feeling of anguish I felt that night. Finally, I sought counseling from my pastor. We prayed and eventually I was able to sleep.

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