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Grandpa's Ghost Gives Comfort



This took place 12 years ago, in Plymouth, Michigan. My parents were going through a divorce after being together for 21 years. I was also working two jobs and trying to save up money for my move to Salt Lake City, Utah.

So, with all the stress I was under, I rarely slept. This brought me to the point where I was seeking counseling and taking anti-depressants and anxiety medication to deal with the pain. At points I even contemplated suicide.

My sister and I decided to stay with my dad, since he was taking the divorce the hardest. One evening, in the dead of winter, I reached a breaking point with my dad's excess drinking due to his own depression, and I went to bed fairly early just so I could be alone. I didn't fall asleep until well after one in the morning because I sat up in my bed crying.

Being of Finnish decent, I always tend to crack my window open to sleep at night because of the fresh air, even when it is in the single digits outside. After I quit crying, it didn't take long for me to fall asleep.

All of a sudden I felt the icy breath of a man as he whispered into my right ear. It was Finnish, and something along the lines of "minä rakastan sinua." I sat straight up in my bed and looked around my room because I felt as if someone was watching me! I could even see my breath, but I did have my window cracked and it was very cold outside.

As I shut the window, I then smelled the faint cherry scent of pipe tobacco filling up my room. I even saw the smoke! Thinking my dad was up late smoking his tobacco pipe that I got him for Christmas, I opened my bedroom door only to find every light off in the house and dead silence.

Even though I was very frightened, I felt that whatever this presence could be would not harm me, and that it was actually here to comfort me. And even though it took a long time, I eventually fell back asleep.

The next morning, I got up early to make coffee and breakfast for the three of us, and was in an unusually great mood. I then asked my dad what "minä rakastan sinua" means. He told me that it was something his dad told him and his siblings every night before they went to sleep when they were little, which is "I love you" in Finnish. My dad was actually stunned to hear me even pronounce it correctly.

Then I asked if he was late smoking his pipe I got him for Christmas. I told him about the smoke in my room and his eyes widened and he grew white in the face. Apparently, to both our astonishment, my deceased Grandpa Armas came to visit me that night. He must have known all of us were in dire straits mentally and emotionally, and that I was the only one he could get through to.

I tried ruling out everything from my medication to lack of sleep in order to avoid the fact that I was visited by a deceased family member, but my dad and I could not figure out why and how I knew to say "minä rakastan sinua" because he hasn't said that since my Grandpa died... which was when I was barely three years old.

To this day I have had other unusual things happen, but nothing such as this... and those are stories for another time. And in case you were wondering, my family is doing very well. I do have my bad days; depression is a disease, and something I will have the rest of my life. But I feel my family and friends who have passed on let me know from time to time that even though I reach a breaking point or have a very dark moment in my life, that it will get better... and it usually does!

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