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The Pacing Old Ghost



This was about a year ago. One night around 3 a.m. I realized I disposed of something accidentally in the recycling bag that was then dumped in the big bin in a hallway downstairs in my apartment building. I went downstairs to look for it.

The hallway downstairs was lit, but the lights were flickering a little, but that might just be faulty wiring or whatever. At the end of this hallway, I saw an elderly man who seemed to be glowing slightly. He was dressed in a 1910s outfit, complete with the bowler hat. (I had to Google it when I came back upstairs because I wasn't sure which decade his outfit was).

He was pacing back and forth slowly from the left to the right. I should mention that the end of this hallway are locked rooms with storage spaces inside on the right side of it, and there's a door he could've come in through if the door hadn't been locked. (It was all dusty and cobweb-y, rusty, and stuck and everything.) Plus, I got there before he showed up, and the door hadn't been touched.

I don't get afraid of spirits or paranormal happenings, and I've had happenings my whole life. Anyhow, he wasn't scary -- just the feeling of a nice, old grandfather. So I said, "Hey!" He just stopped pacing and stared at me, perhaps a bit confused, as older people might be.

I was about to ask if I could help him. He resumed pacing and vanished into the wall. I looked for what I went downstairs for in the first place, and went back upstairs. I wonder who he was.

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