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Phantom Whisper



This incident took place in Newcastle, Delaware. My twin nieces had spent the night. My son Mark and my stepson Billy were seated at the kitchen table, my stepdaughter Tracey was seated at the dining room table, and my husband Dave was seated in the living room on the sofa. He was watching the news on TV. I was in the kitchen preparing everybody's food and was pouring drinks.

I was standing between Mark and Billy when all of a sudden something whispered into my ear, saying the word "Mom" in the most eerie manner. At first I didn't respond, and immediately it whispered the same thing again, only louder, as if to get my attention.

I looked down at my son Mark and he looked up at me with food in his mouth and he said, "Mom, what was that?" I asked him what he heard and he said that something whispered "Mom" twice, as if it were trying to get my attention.

I became so frightened that I backed away from Mark three steps and I said to Mark, "You did it! You did it!"

Mark immediately stood up with his hand across his heart and said, "I swear to God, Mom. I didn't do that." I knew that he didn't do that because it felt like it blew in with a wind and whispered directly into my ear.

There were other paranormal things that followed that incident that were really eerie. We went on vacation that same month, and Mark wanted to stay with my brother and his family. I tried to persuade him to come home with us, but he really wanted to stay. After my brother gave his permission, we decided to let him stay.

He stayed for five months and then he became very homesick. We bought him a bus ticket and he came home. Mark died in our garage, sniffing Freon gas after being introduced to it by his best friend. The garage was a safe place for Mark. This was where he lifted weights and listened to his music. I always believed that in his last breath he was whispering "Mom."

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