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Girlfriend Stopped to Say Goodbye



On October 2, 2012, I had a dream about my ex-girlfriend. We had broken up five years ago to the day and I had never really stopped loving her, hoping she might come back some day. I kept in touch with some of her friends to hear how she was doing, and occasionally we sent emails to each other.

One night I dreamed that she walking along a path of tiny stones, dressed in a white nightgown I had bought her once and that I liked. She shimmered with a heavenly light and she stopped to look at me, for in the dream I was watching her from a distance on the side of this path.

I wanted to run to her and hold her tight because I felt a sadness radiating from her, but at the same time it was mixed with a joy I had never felt. She smiled at me and told me that she loved me always and that she was alright now and safe. She told me to move on and that she would always watch over me. Then she started walking again and disappeared into this light that became brighter than the sun.

I woke up sweating and with my heart beating so fast in my chest. The next morning, I opened my email, and a mutual friend we had sent me a message that she had died the night before in a car wreck. I am glad she stopped by to tell me goodbye.

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