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White Faceless Entity



Two years ago in 2011, I was sleeping over at my grandma's home. I slept in her bedroom. She had two beds: hers and a bunk bed on the side next to the wall. I slept on the bottom bunk.

At 2:00 a.m. I was awakened suddenly by the feeling of someone watching me. I slowly opened my eyes only to see a white figure of a women with no face. I was paralyzed in fear. I couldn't move. All I could do was lie there as she watched me. She was standing at the foot of my grandmother's bed. She raised her hand, as if calling me over, but my body wouldn't move an inch. I was too overcome with fear.

I finally was able to close my eyes and repeated to myself in my head that what I saw was not true and that when I opened my eyes it would be gone. I counted to three and when I opened my eyes she was no longer there. I searched the room to make sure she wasn't there only to find out that she had gotten closer to me! I tried to close my eyes once more, and when I opened them she was even closer!

I didn't want to close my eyes anymore for fear that she would get me, so kept them wide open. I didn't even blink. This went on for two hours. I tried to yell and wake my grandma up, but no sound would come out. The white woman would move around the room, but she wouldn't get closer to me, nor would she back away from me. The fear of being taken away by her kept me going and awake through almost the whole night until my grandpa's alarm went off for work in the morning. That's when she retreated to the hallway and vanished slowly, with her hand still raised toward me.

My grandma still lives there, but I hardly sleep there now.

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