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2000 Your True Tales

Stories of ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true


Story of the Month: The Dancing Blue Lights
The Vanishing Spectre - Useless Psychic Information
The Floating Apparition - The Exploding Cup
Saved by the White Cat - The Ghost Wedding
Hearing from Jenna - Doesn't Like Being So Psychic
He Sees the Light - Grandfather Still Cares
There a Ghost in My House - Recorded Tunes from the Past
Seeing the Future in Dreams - Harmless Poltergeist
John Won't Leave - Colored Rain
Mysterious Craft - Ghost of the Widow
Breath of the Lion - Psychic Lotto Winner
Saved by a '74 Chevy Vega - The Cry of Bigfoot
The Neighbor's Drawing - Attack of the Gray Mist
Voice from Beyond - The Ghost Team
A Glimpse of the Afterlife - Shadow Animals
Visions in Dreams - Unexplained Feelings
Play in Again, Grandma - He Can See the Winner
Voice on the Tape - Vivid Visions
Money from Heaven - The Rocking Chair
Warts and All - Demons Under the Bed
Ghosts I Have Known - Telekinetic Sister
Haunted by an Energy Field - Blessed with ESP
My True (Surprise) Ouija Experience

Coolest Story of the Month: Angel for a Marine Angel for a Marine
Out of Body Church Experience - The Death Card
Weird Creature - Has Seen Many Ghosts
The Bloody Dream - It Tried to Enter My Body
A Spook Feeds the Dog - The Ghost Thief
Ball Lightning Stories - Voices in the Dark
The Boy in the Ceiling - The Lecherous Old Ghost
Strange Balls of Light - Haunted House Sitting
Mind-Melding with God? - Non-Corporeal Life Forms
Jealous Ghost - Symbols from Mu
Angels Found Us a Home - Lost Cat
Too-Familiar Ghost - The Icy Wind
Our Haunted House - Lincoln's Ghost
Something is in My House - Disembodied Sounds
Danger on an Isolated Road - Visions of Her Babies
ESP Test - Hallway Light
Traveling Spirit - Plagued by Telepathy

APRIL 2000
Coolest Story of the Month: The Ouija and Dr. Doom
The Street of Gold - The Effect of Magnets and Crystals
Entertains Friends with ESP - The Bird Vanishes
Witness to Miracles - The Mysterious Phrase
Ball Lightning Strikes Twice - Unexplained Signs
Sleep Paralysis - Seeing My Day
Strange Computer Antics - Helpful Ouija
Homemade Ouija - Horrifying Ouija Experience
Pennies from... Where? - Strange Voices
Haunted by 7 - Report from the Other Side
Plea for Help... Too Late - Weird Ouija Experience
Layered Visions of the Past - Startling Premonitions
Phantom Messages - Seeing Through Another's Eyes
My Father's Warning - Childhood Vision
Vardogger: My House Ghost - ETs: Who They Are

MAY 2000
Coolest Story of the Month: The Entity in the Attic
The Ghost in the Hallway - May Guardian Spirit, Katie
A Friend to the End... and Beyond - Can't Get Rid of Poltergeist
A Touch of ESP - Ghostly Sleeping Partner is No Joke
She's Got the Vibes - I Foresaw My Mother's Murder
Utah Poltergeist - Angel of Death
NDEs Changed Her Life - The Haunted Hand Hotel
Mysterious Mt. Shasta Tunnel - Filipino Monster Stories
The Whispering Presence - The Watching Demon
Grandma's Watch - My Scottie Still Visits
Grandpa Comes Back - Haunted by 22
A Heavenly Voice - The Ghostly Image
Nightmare or Message - The Big Blue-Green Ball
Poor Birdie - Strange, Strange Things
Past Life in Sleepy Hollow - Past Life in Egypt and More
Invisible Assault - Vision of Nothingness
Loved Monk in Previous Life - Son's Past Life as a Soldier
Parrot Understands Bigfoot Cries - Past Life in Middle Ages
Who's Screaming? - Grandfather's Past Life
Strange But True - The Gray Lady - The Phantom Honda
Many Past Lives - Finds Heirloom During Regression
Ghosts at the Scene of an Accident

JUNE 2000
Coolest Story of the Month: The Unwanted Vision
Grandma is Keeping Watch - Chaotic Ouija Night
Ghost from the '50s - Paranormal Killers
Remarkable Premonitions - She Sees Dead People
Son Yearns for Past Life Home - Haunted Air Force House
Dad's Ghost Keep His Routine - Disappearing Watches
Alien Contact Through DMT? - Healing My Pet Turtle
Not Mother's Intuition - Mother's Comforting Spirit
Eerie Paralysis - Angel of Death
Dad's Life-Saving Premonition - Guardian Angel Pin
Anger Personified - Strange Telekinetic Powers
My Gifts and What I See - Answered Prayer in the Navy
Ghosts, ESP and Telekinesis - Ghostly Prank
Succubae Visit - Neighborly Coincidence
Frightening Dreams Come True - My Uncle's Ghost
The Kitten's Ghost - The Ghost of John Jackson
Foresaw the Accident - The Murder's Ghost
Car Radio Craziness - A SLIder Reports
Lucid Dreaming and Strange Message - Little Boy Crying
Feeling of Dread - UFO in Massachusetts
Medium in Training

July - December 2000 stories

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