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2004 Your True Tales

Stories of ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true


Story of the Month: Smoky Shadow Guy in Broad Daylight
Ouija Story - A Creepy Touch
A Sign - College Dorm Ghost
Queen Mary Ghost - Protected
Storage Area Ghost - Chariot in the Sky
Learning Respect for Spirits - Lapse into a Past Life
Chomedey Devil - I Am Still Scared of the Dark
More Dimes from Nowhere - The Ghost of Mr. Franchetti
The Little Old Ghost of "Party House"
Boy at the Cemetery - Ghost Visits Son
The Fairy - Phantom Hand
Ghost in the Mirror - Something in My Room
Strange Circles of Light - Strange Creature in New Jersey
Under the Bed - Unexplained Day
Yet Another Mysterious Dime - ... and Pennies
The Vision - Big Bird Sighting
Disappearing Car - Crying Babies
Dead Father Returns? - Premonition of Death
Strange Creature - The Vanishing Cat
Woodsburrow Wildman - ESP Call-In Radio
Admiral Fetch - My Mother's Crosses
Pennies on the Graves

Story of the Month:
Haunted Cemetery
Huge Shadow - Haunted University and Its Ghosts
A Mutual Dream - Angel in the Clouds
Ghost Girl of Hwy. 104 - The Red Demon
Pre-Birth Memories - The Tar Man
Laundromat Ghost - The Bed and the Amazing Coincidence
I Met My Guardian Angel - My Two Protectors
Paranormal Hand - Shadow Ghost
I Saw Mothman - Don't Dare the Devil
Driveway Man - The Hazy Mist
They Know Before We Do - A Place of White and Gold
Vanishing Schoolmate - Saved by a Voice
Ghostly Child - Lost Time
Mysterious Visitors - Faery Friends
Return from Hell - The Cold Spirit
UFO with Orbs - Saved by Grandpa's Spirit
Guardian Sister - Demon in Grandma Clothing
Haunted Graveyard

MARCH 2004
Story of the Month:
My Mother's Angel
Strange Day - Devil Dog
Child Haunting - Haunted Apartment
Changed By the Lights - Seeing the Impossible
The Voice Saved Her - Terrorized by a Demonic Spirit
Haunted Camp Grounds - The Nasty Ghost
UFO and Missing Time - Witness to Levitation
The Very Old Spirit - Voice from Hell
I Saw Dead People - The Horrible Creature
Charmed Life - Psychic Attack
Past Life in Hawaii - Ouija Encounter with Gwen
Ouija and Anna Mills - Money from Great Grandma
Pizza from the Afterlife - Ouija Possession
Mr. Twyford's Ghost - Cabin Terror
Good Battles Evil - Figures in White
Triangular UFO

APRIL 2004
Story of the Month: Weird Time Rift
The Golden Feather - The Phantom Message
The Grinning Demon - Close Encounter...
Mr. Parker's Ghost - Stalked By a Demon
Halloween Scare - A Haunting
The Warning - Night Vision
Mexican Monster - The Blue Specter at Camp
Stopped from Murdering - Ouija Names the Murderer
Attic Ghost - UFO Sighting
Distorted Time - The Bad House
Demonic Prank - The Haunted Bridge
Jersey Devil Sighting - The Miner's Ghost
Saved from Madrid Terrorist Attack
The Magical Bee - Moms Never Change
Hark, the Herald Angels Sing
The Devil Responds - Another Hooded Being
The Gargoyle - Creature at the Cabin Door
Shadow Warriors

MAY 2004
Story of the Month: Lost Time
Miraculous Picture - The Talking Cat
Goodbye, Boys - Advance Notice
Powers of a Witch-Priestess - Followed from the Cemetery
Haunted Barbie - Mysterious Message
A Haunting on Branch Street - Grammy Says Goodbye
Three Wishes - Imaginary Friend
Foresaw the Crash - Ghost at the U.N.
The Twins - An Evil Presence
Hauntings - I Believe I Was Thomas Edison
Phantom Accident Victim - Creature By the Pool
Mystery at Camp - The Bent Key
Chupacabra Sighting - Fight with the Devil
The Whistling Nun - The Three Chords

JUNE 2004
Story of the Month: The Phantom Rescuer
Hearing is Almost Believing - Deposit Returned
The Ghost by the Well - Stone-Throwing Ghost
Precognitive Dream - The Mysterious Creature in Oregon
Grabbed by a Ghost - Phantom Dog
UFO in Utah - Scream from the Grave
The Man in the Picture - Saved by... Something
Grandmother and the Ouija - Nana's Guardian Angel
Strange Rain of Insects - DOPler Experience
The Hearse - The Ghost of Captain Bill Strong
The Gravestone - The Little White People
The Farmer Ghosts - More Talking Cats
Ghost Cats - Interdimensional Shadow Being
Ghost Riders - Civil War Ghost
Coincidence or Premonition? - Green Eyes in the Woods

July - December 2004 stories

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