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2010 True Ghost and Paranormal Stories


'Ghost' of woman embracing young man on bench (Digital Composite)
Roger Wright/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Stories of ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true

The Witch's Basement
Dream of Coworker's Future
The Woods Helper
Mystery Cat of Susquehanna County
Laughing Vulture
Tiny Humanoids
Time Slip or Future Vision
Little Man of Buckingham Mountain
My Prophetic Dreams
The Death Owl
Phantom Mansion
The Pushing Shadow People
Phantom Cemetery
Mothman in Texas
A Toast to Grandma
The Rabbit Eater
Midnight Knocks
Death of a Fairy
Injury Premonition
Ghost Swing
California Desert Ghosts
Rabbit and Missing Time
Room 404 is Haunted
Gargoyle Poltergeist
Manchester Apartment Ghosts
Cookie Poltergeist
Mysterious Light Grid
Took Grandma to Heaven
Boarding School Ghosts
Black Ghost Cat
Muerto Salme
Yobango Encounter
The Ghost Inn
Gravestone Phantoms

Slammed By a Ghost
Illuminating Lamp of Energy
Premonition of Aunt's Death
Being of Pure Love
The House That Wasn't There
Haunted Stereo
Gnome in the Closet
Black Hand
Grim Reaper Visit
Shadow People and Births
Dimension Shift in Hampshire
Warehouse Apartment Ghost
The Housemaid's Curse
Shoulder-Tapping Ghost
The Old Wallpaper
Ghost Dog and the Hyena
The Ghost Beside Me
Haunted Bridge Apparition
Lake Ariel Elf
Mayday Premonition
Foresaw His Own Funeral
Ghost from the '70s
Mothman in Ontario
Spokane Poltergeist
High Strangeness and Missing Time in Page
Garbage-Eating Troll
Greaser Ghost

MARCH 2010
Haunted by Breathing
Freaky Black-Eyed Man
The Weeping Ghosts
Werewolf in Serbia
OBE on an Icy Road
Old Woman Apparition
Faceless Man of Shrewsbury
Gremlin on the Dresser
Susquehanna Alien Light
Wailing in the Woods
The Tree Guardian
Brown-Haired Ghost
Poltergeist Activity
The Dog Healer
The Tall Stranger
Strange Events, Inside and Out
Doppelganger or Future Vision?
Demon in the Mine
Phantom Tenants
The Three Demon Elves
The Crying Fern
Robed Figure in Puerto Rico
The Dream's Warning
Apartment Complex Poltergeist
Impossible Patient
Ghost in the Cardigan

APRIL 2010
Church Shadow Man
The Conversation That Never Was
Paranormal Rules
Bathrobe Ghost
Coyotes and UFOs
Beartooth Mountains UFO
Robin Hood's Bay Poltergeist
Uncle Pinky Premonition
The Big Black Force
Spring Lake Werewolves
Exorcism Witness
Triangular UFO Over Yakima
The Barn Visitors
Chief Ghost
Where There's Smoke...
Huge Beast in Queens
Comforted Through Night Terror
Ghost on the Floor
Grandfather's Note
Black-Eyed Knocker
Disappearing Cell Phone
Vision of the Killer
Coffee Shop Stranger
Hotel Room Mystery
Harbinger for Truckers

MAY 2010
Lapse Into a Past Life
Miner's Ghost
Easter Bunny Sighting
After-Feeding OBE
Ghost in the Blue Tux
Man in the Black Shirt
The Old Ghost
The Tarot Omens
Cradled by an Angel
First OBE Experience
Grand Prairie Poltergeist
The Glowing Skeleton
Invisible Grip
Haunted Pregnancy
Venango County Bigfoot
Dimension Shift in Tacoma
Necklace from a Ghost
Top Hat Man Reappears
Saved by Possessing Spirit
Zipping Point of Light
Hospital Visitation

JUNE 2010
Wickenburg Poltergeist
West Java Chupacabras
The Sobbing Ghost
Temporary Invisibility
Time's Up
Time Slipped Church
Thunderbird Returns
Out-of-Body Visit
UFO Over Kingston Upon Hull
Ghost Child
The Kilowatt Man
Thunderbirds Over Illinois
Demon in the Cell
Man With Electric Eyes
The Conjured Spirit
Hide-and-Seek Ghost
Little Girl Ghost
The Grunting Thing
Troll at the Cabinet
Arizona Skinwalkers
Grandma's Goodbye Song
Faceless Predator

July - December, 2010 stories

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