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2012 True Ghost and Paranormal Stories


Stories of ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true

JULY 2012
Angry Scream from Nowhere
Appearing Cat
Bedroom Ghost
Black Aggie
Black-Eyed Kid Bit Me
Corkey's Ghost
The Creature from the Ditch
Doppelganger Wreaks Havoc
The Floating Vase
Ghost Brothers
Ghost in the Lightning
The Growl and Writing on the Mirror
The Grunting Thing
Incident at Ghost Lake
Kramer, the Couch Hog
Military Housing Ghosts
Mother-Daughter ESP
Mysterious House Vision
Nine-Foot Entity
Plantation Ghosts
Poltergeists Abound
Pot Project Poltergeist
Something Tried to Get In
Strange Driverless Car
Timmy, the Imaginary Friend
Two Sightings of Daughter's Doppelganger
UFO By the Old Red Barn
What Can the Cats See?
Ghost Child In the Kitchen
Worried About Weird Room Things

Adopted By a Ghost Cat
The Creature by the Shed
The Creature Over the Fence
Dad's Influence
The Day the Creek Disappeared
The Demon Babyface
Gargoyles, Old Hag, and God's Protection
The Ghost in Grandpa's Chair
Grandpa Does Not Like Liars
Harassed by Hooded Beings
Haunted Cafeteria
Jeepers Creepers, What a Flying Humanoid!
Kitchen Poltergeist
The Lady in Pink
MUFON Time Slip, Or Just New Jersey?
Mysterious Coin Appearances
Mysterious Family Dream
Nazi Shadow Man
Necronomicon Madness
Office Survey Time Slip
Old Man on the Rocks
Poltergeist at Mum's House
The Presence of Death
Saved from Crushing by a Guardian Spirit
Saw Death Coming
The Shadow Ghost
Someone Is On the Top Bunk
Specter Calls Me
Summerville Poltergeist
Super-Fast Entity
Thick Shadow Demon
Time Slip at Bryn Bras
Vision Saved Friend's Life

Baby-Stealing Werewolf
Black Thing Brings Night Terrors
Black-Eyed Reluctant Driver
The Cloudy Ghost
Contacting the Ghost of the Stairwell
Elf or Chameleon in the Truck
Encounter with Elizabeth's Ghost
Excited Ghostly Voices
Ghost Haunts Two Girls
Ghost Tenant Visists Dad
The Ghost with Dirty Hair
The Hairy Hands
Laughing Old Hag
Little Green Trolls
The Looming Shadow
Manhattan Poltergeist
Nana Gives a Live-Saving Sign
Past Life as a WWII Marine
Pat from a Ghostly Hand
Phantom Circus Tent
Poltergeist Threw Jewelry Box
The Praying Apparition
Premonition of Friend's Illness
Psychic Connection from the Future
Shadow Figures in the Graveyard
Shadow Man in Trenchcoat
Sleep Paralysis or Ghost Attack?
Southamptom Poltergeist
Spirit Attack
Strange, Stumbling Fog People
Thing with Wings
Weird Creature in the Garbage Can

The Bride Was a Vision
Brother's Mysterious Disappearance
Cruise Ship Evil Spirit
Demon by Grandma's Terrace
Grandma's Comforting Hand
Grandpa's Ghost Gives Comfort
Haunted Caravan
Kiss Goodnight from Phantom Mother
Mexican Witch's Curse
Mum's Demons
The Pacing Old Ghost
The Phantom Field
Phantom Whisper
Poltergeist Pesters Twins
Poltergeists in a Happy Home
Portal of Light
Possessed Dog
The Red Light and the Ghost
Ridiculous UFO Cover-Up
Spirit in the Wall
St. Joseph Island Ghost
Time Rewind in the Attic
UFO Over Sri Lanka
UFO Should Have Hit My House
Vancouver Poltergeist
Would-Be Boyfriend Coincidence

Black-Cloaked Entity in the Closet
The Cross on the Car
Dark Forces in the Corridors of Power
Daughter's Wraith and Ghost Cats
Deadly Dog Driver
Entity at the Floating House
Entity in the Hoodie
Eternal Standoff with Demons
Followed by the Banshee
Foresaw the Airship
The Ghost Unlocked the Door
Ghosts, All Dressed Up
Girlfriend Stopped to Say Goodbye
Government Base Poltergeist
Haunted by the Shadow Man
Hooded Robe of Death
Levitating Friend
Mother's Second Sight
Premonition of a Horse That Didn't Win
The Primrose Poltergeist
The Silent Guardian
Staring Shadow Man
Threatened by Swamp Shadows
Vision of Girl's Suicide
We Saw John F. Kennedy in Early 1990s
What Grabbed My Leg?

The 666 Bridge
Aynor Poltergeist
Black-Cloaked Entity Changed My Life
Black-Eyed Creep of London
Dimensional Shift on the Hutchinson
The Farmer's Ghost
Flying Shadow Object
Fox Theater's Ghost
The Ghost and the Shortcut
Ghost Cats Hang Around
Ghostly Housemate
Goodbye to Grandma
Haunted Baby's Room
Haunting Portrait
Housing Commission Horror
Husband Still Disturbs Bed
Incubus Attack
Little Bird Mystery
Little Brother Reaches Out from the Grave
The Marlboro Monster
Max's Ghost Tried to Kill Me
Mum's Sign from Beyond
My Aunt's Ghost
Night Shift Terrors
North Carolina Werewolf
Old Hag Will Not Be Denied
Old Neighbor's Ghost
Parents Saw My Doppelganger
Poltergeist Activity in Lancashire
Shadow Man and Suicide Ghost
Spooked by Three Knocks
Those Boots Are Made for Haunting
Unexplained Shot-Like Bang
Whispering in the Baby's Room
Xenomorph Shadow Person

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