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2013 True Ghost and Paranormal Stories


JULY 2013
Aliens Over Courtnay, BC
Aurora Poltergeist
Bubbe Tries to Make Contact
Chupacabras in Illinois
Civil War Soldier Ghost in Bed
Dark Figure from the Mirror
Demonic Sigh
Ghost Friend, Charlie
The Ghost Under the Couch
Helpful Ghost
Henry, the Imaginary Friend
Knocks from the Attic
Leprechaun in Texas
Marian Apparition in Cuba
The Old Man Who Wasn't There
Profound Déjà Vu
Quarter from Nowhere
School's Haunted Bathroom
Strange Child Wanted to Hurt Me
Strange Shimmering Lights
The Taunting Ghost

Edgar's Ghost Reaches Out
Footsteps Terrified My Mother
Ghost Hated Her Pictures
Ghost of a Million Voices
Grandpa's Ghost Demands an Answer
Guardian Angel or Demon?
Haunted Anniversary Suite
Haunted Toys
I Saw My Future Self
Jesse's Ball of Energy
Journeys to the Other Side
Looked After by a Ghost
The Magical Tunnel of Trees
Man of Red Flames
My Visions and Premonitions
Premonitions of Death and Accidents
Pulsating Orb
Remodeling Stirs Up Entities
Séance to Contact Dad's Spirit
Strange Oozing Fog
Terrified by Footsteps
Three Strange Tales
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Ghost
UFOs Over Quebec
Unwelcoming Spirit
Weird Levitation in Science Class
What Was in the Backyard

Apparition in White Gown
Bizarre Reptilian Creature
Breathing from the Deceased
Bright Spirit Energy
Cloaked Figure Mocked Us
Demons and Protective Ghosts
Double Dose of Doppelgangers
Ghostly EVP at Devil's Den
Haunted by Tall Men
Knocks on a Second Floor Window
Moaning and Flashes of Light
Mom's Spirit Protected Us
Possessed by Extraterritorials
Rainbow Premonition
Saving Fate... and a Ghost
Saving Phantom Phone Call
Shadow Man at the Cupboard
Three Eerie Shadow People
Time Anomaly in the Wigan Wood
True Tales Lead to Love
Who Called Me on My Phone and How?
Witch or Skinwalker

Angel Saved Me from Attack
Angels Healed My Foot
Annoying Bed Disturbance
The Baffling Kitten Incident
The Bald, Mocking Ghost
Basement Poltergeist Weirdness
Be Careful What You Say
Beside Me As I Type
Car Wreck in Time
The Crouching Creature
The Dark Side Lets Outs a Whoop
Farmhouse Out of Time
Fearful, Curious, and Nervous about Shadow People
Garage Door Poltergeist
Gettysburg Ghosts
Ghostly Activity
Great-Grandfather's Halloween Ghost
Missing Time in Hocking Hills
My Mother the Ghost
Our Little Ghost, Katie
Personal Signs from Mom
Poltergeists in the South
Possessed Clog and Toy Alligator
Shocking Mirror Vision
Small Glowing Entity
White Faceless Entity

Dogman on the Highway
Shadowman Pinned Me Down
Mom's Music in the Night
Death Angel Comes for Step-Dad
Telekinetic Cat
Nude Ouija Stimulates Poltergeist Activity
The Tell-Tale Thumping
I Am the Reincarnation of Yukiko Okada
Knew This House in a Past Life
The Butterfly Prophecy
Little Ghost in the Cemetery
Halloween Party Ghost
Three Days of Dad
The Old Man's Ghost
My Royal Doppelganger
The Doomed Room
The Tarot Haunting
Knocks Warn of Death
Cloaked Entity on the Stairs
Haunted by Ghost Dogs
Suffolk Poltergeist
Comforting Angel at Accident
Grim Reaper at the Grave
Blue Buzzing Demons Attack Pregnant Woman
Odd Messages from Rushing Strangers
Mothman in Modesto
Cloaked Shadow Man

Shadow Attacks or Abductions?
Sounds of Approaching Death
Dreadful Shadow Creature
Childhood Death Visions
Something Called My Dog
Toilet Paper Vanishes, Reappears
Hallucination or Otherworldly Experience?
Pretty Young Ghost
Paramedic Poltergeist
Strange Alien Object
Time Froze to Avoid Injury
Demon on the Highway
Daughter Saw Grandparents' Ghosts
Psychometry Roused Apparition
Pennsylvania Farm Spooklight
Strange Night Apparition and Visions
Strange Flying Demon
Nanny's Ghost Watches Family
Freaked Out by the Old Hag
Haunted by The Stone Thrower
Ball of Fire or Uncle's Ghost
Kicking Poltergeist

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