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4 Stories of Paranormal Christmas



By Kitty

This serious of strange events began in 2009, but has continued on and off ever since, most recently this month (January 2013). I've never really believed in the paranormal, and my husband, Jack, though raised a strict Catholic, never believed any of it. All that started to change after my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in late 2009.

One night, a couple of weeks later, I was struggling to sleep. As I lay there, I became aware that my husband was talking, but more like mumbling. He usually slept like a log, and who would he be talking to at 1.30 a.m.? A little puzzled, I turned to see Jack sitting upright in bed, talking away. Just as I did, the conversation ended. It was how it ended that creeped me out: Jack said, "Okay. ‘Night, pa."

Jack's dad died 15 years earlier. When I asked Jack about it in the morning, he said he had no recollection of it. If I knew then what I would know later, I probably would have died of shock. I put it down to one of those waking dreams and tried to forget about it... and the months and Jack's illness went on.

In October, 2010, we were told the news that Jack's illness was now terminal. We made the decision to relocate to Ireland to be closer to Jack's family. For Jack's comfort, I slept in another room with our daughter.

One night, just before Christmas, Jack's mother Mary and I were both struggling to sleep. Suddenly, we heard Jack talking again. I told her about what had happened and she decided we should go look. We crept upstairs and Mary walked into my husband's room and screamed!

I looked in and Jack was sitting up, looking square at us! I nearly jumped out my skin, too! I asked him if we was okay and he said he was, just very tired and thirsty. This is where it gets real creepy. As Mary got him some water, I asked him why he was talking to himself. He said he wasn't. He said his dad was sitting there talking to him and left as we came in.

I was a little shaken, but thought that my husband was just being delirious. So I asked, "What did your dad say?"

"To help me," Jack answered. Every hair on my body stood up on end. Again, I dismissed it in my head as Jack's mind going. I gave him his water. Mary still looked pale and then she and I went downstairs. Downstairs, she told me that it wasn't the sight of Jack that made her jump. There was a shadow sitting on his bed that walked toward us at the door.

My husband died a month later in January, 2011. When I returned to the U.S. with my daughter and my husband's ashes, we noticed things started happening in the house. The cat (which loved Jack) would suddenly purr without reason and rub against things that weren't there. Then my daughter, her son, and I would see black shadows move out of the corners of our eyes.

My grandson even said he saw his grandpa on the stairs! Tomorrow will be the second anniversary of my husband's death and the strange activity is happening more frequently than ever. I firmly believe Jack's still here. I never used to believe in anything like the paranormal, but over the last two years (more than I've written about here) the evidence for it is undeniable. Maybe I'm just grief-stricken, but it certainly seems to me there's more than meets the eye.

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