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Marie Laveau


Marie Laveau

Her ghost wearing her turban has been seen moving about the tombstones.

She was known as The Queen of Voodoo, born a free woman of mixed race (Louisiana Creole and white) in the French Quarter of New Orleans in 1794. By trade a hairdresser to the New Orleans elite, she was also a fervent practitioner of Voodoo, a mixture of Roman Catholic practices and African religious beliefs. According to one account, she used her magic to help free a young Creole of a murder charge, and received his father’s house as reward. She died in June, 1881 at the age of 98.

With her reputation related to magic and the occult, it's no surprise that Marie Laveau's ghost has been reported. She is buried in Saint Louis Cemetery, New Orleans, and her ghost wearing her turban has been seen moving about the tombstones, uttering voodoo curses. Some also believe that her spirit appears as a phantom cat with glowing red eyes that has been seen disappearing into her sealed mausoleum door. Marie Laveau is also said to haunt 1020 St. Anne St. in New Orleans, the house that now stands on the location where her clay and moss once stood.

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